Can You Combine Plantation Shutters and Curtains

Plantation shutters are a complete window treatment all on their own, providing style and function. You don’t have to worry about blackout curtains or any other type of fabric when you install plantation shutters. Instead, you control the louvers (horizontal slats) using a tilt rod. This allows you to let as much sunlight as you’d like into your home. 

However, many homeowners appreciate curtains for their various patterns, colors, and design versatility. If you’d like to incorporate curtains into your window aesthetic, you can absolutely pair them with plantation shutters.  Long, flowing curtains can make a dramatic room statement alongside traditional and modern plantation shutters. Certain shutter types, like cafe shutters, are even ideally suited to fabric treatments. Valances, for example, are commonly paired with cafe shutters. 

Choosing Curtains for Plantation Shutters

When you choose to pair curtains with plantation shutters, there are some key features of curtains that you need to consider. These include the height or length of the curtains, as well as the type of fabric, and even maintenance considerations. For plantation shutters, you only need to gently clean them using a soft, barely damp (not wet) cloth or lamb wool wand. For curtains, you may need to set aside time to regularly have them dry cleaned. You should also consider the colors and patterns of the curtains, as well as how the curtains match the decor of the room. 

Which Rooms Should Have Curtains?

When homeowners use curtains with plantation shutters, they most commonly install the curtains in the living room or the bedroom. This is understandable, since curtains can make a room feel cozy. Valances in the kitchen or dining area are also common. Many curtain enthusiasts still decide against using curtains in every room of the home. For example, plantation shutters are considered a much safer window treatment than blinds or curtains when it comes to children’s bedrooms. There are no dangling materials on plantation shutters, while curious young children often like to wrap themselves in curtains or tug on the fabric. This could easily cause the curtain rod to collapse. If you do choose to use curtains in your child’s nursery, opt instead for valances or other fabrics that don’t reach the ground. You should also move your child’s bed or favorite belongings, like the toy box, away from the window. 

Hanging Curtains with Plantation Shutters

Hanging curtains in general can be tricky, but when you’re hanging curtains over plantation shutters, there are some extra rules to keep in mind. It is usually suggested to mount your curtain rod either several inches above your windows or close to the ceiling. This is a design practice that enhances the look of your windows, making them look longer and the ceilings look taller. You’ll also want to make sure that your curtain rod is long enough to allow you full and easy access to the plantation shutters while the curtains are hanging. 

Depending on your window type, you might choose short or long curtains. If you have traditional windows and need long curtains, designers typically recommend that they touch the floor. 

Deciding on the Type of Fabric for Your Curtains

Your choice in curtain fabric will likely be impacted by the look of your shutters? Are they stained or white? Did you select a custom color? You should also take into account the ambiance and overall theme of the room. Sheer curtains or silk are beautiful choices for airy rooms and milky shutters, while wool fabrics and even linen materials look great alongside stained wood. 

Choosing Colors and Patterns for Your Curtains

Just like with your fabric type, you can coordinate your curtain patterns or colors with your plantation shutters. You’ll also want to match your curtains with the design scheme of the room. Many designers recommend selecting curtains that share colors with your walls, especially if the colors are a shade lighter or darker than the walls. 

This can also be a good tactic when pairing curtains with plantation shutters. For instance, stained shutters would pair well with equally warm curtains, while white shutters would look great alongside light-colored or patterned fabrics. If you choose a custom color for your plantation shutters, then you might want to try looking at a color wheel before making a decision. A color wheel is an art tool that can help you select colors and shades that naturally go well together. 

Plantation Shutters from Shenandoah Shutters

Deciding to pair your plantation shutters with curtains or another fabric window treatment is a personal preference. The consultants at Shenandoah Shutters will help you select plantation shutters that fit your style and plans, from cafe shutters to traditional and contemporary designs. 

Shenandoah Shutters is located in Richmond, Virginia, within a day’s drive of all of our service areas. In fact, we’ve been serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C for decades. 

At Shenandoah Shutters, our woodworking employees handcraft each shutter using authentic American hardwood and materials. Each of our plantation shutters is finished with a soft, silken lacquer that is similar to fine wooden furniture. You can choose from stains, whites, and custom colors, as well as a variety of plantation shutter options. 

Shenandoah Shutters can install plantation shutters on even the most difficult or oddly shaped windows. In fact, we even patented our own design, the Softedge solution, especially for today’s modern windows. Tilt-ins and casements especially benefit from the Softedge design, which conceals the hinges of the windows when the shutters are closed. 

Each of our plantation shutters are custom made for your home. You can even install plantation shutters on French and sliding glass doors. 

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