Softedge™ Plantation Shutters; so unique, they’re patented!

softedge plantation shutterSoftedge™ Shutters offer a beautiful solution to installing shutters on today’s versatile windows, including “tilt in” and casements. The sculptured edge profile gently blends the shutters into your window molding, creating a harmonious appearance.

Our patented Softedge™ Shutter changes everything. Although plantation shutters have been used in homes for centuries, the Softedge™ Shutter is a new and innovative solution you’ll definitely want to explore with one of our consultants. The hinges are fully concealed when the shutters are closed, creating a clean and uncluttered look.

With no boxy frame or hanging strip required for its installation, the Softedge™ Shutter double rollover edge softens the look of the shutter while gracefully blending the panel into your molding. The patented Softedge™ is available only at Shenandoah Shutters.

Plantation Shutter with Softege

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