Plantation Shutters 101

Plantation Shutters have been appreciated for centuries in open, breezy homes of the Caribbean and the stately Old South, and they continue to complement today’s more contemporary upscale homes. In the 1700’s, plantation shutters were appreciated for their ability to block the direct heat of the sun while still allowing in cooling breezes. Homeowners today still need to block damaging rays of the sun and control privacy without sacrificing the beauty and warmth of natural sunlight.

Plantation shutters unite the past with the present. They transcend their original setting and lend beauty, ambiance, and simplicity to a wide variety of home decors. With each hand-finished louver forming, the all-wood, custom plantation shutter provides a unique combination of form and function; a beautiful design either open or closed. But when slightly tilted, the true beauty of the plantation shutter lies in its ability to capture an atmosphere all its own.

Once the natural light reflects up from the louvers, it gently bounces off the ceiling and creates a tranquil place to relax. Today’s homes are designed to offer the benefits of natural light, and plantation shutters are more appealing than ever.

Shutter Terminology

Stiles: Vertical side pieces that hold the mounted louvers with louver pins.

Tilt Rod: The mechanism that controls the movement of the louvers. It is attached to each louver with a special brad. The tilt rod can be split to allow two different levels of light control on the same panel.

Louvers: The louvers in a shutter are the movable “parallel slats” that are used to adjust the amount of incoming light. They are offered in two shapes, flat or contour, and they come in widths of 2-½”, 3-½”, or 4-½”.

Rails: Horizontal pieces at the top and bottom of each panel. A divider rail may be used in the center of the panel to allow two different levels of light control on the same panel and are preferred on double hung windows.

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