6 Tips for Designing a Nursery

Welcoming home a baby is an exciting moment for every family. You want your nursery to be perfect, but where should you begin? Follow the tips and tricks below to build your dream nursery in no time:

Choose Your Nursery Theme

Selecting a theme is the first step in creating your nursery space. There are seemingly endless choices for themes, from children’s TV characters to woodland creatures, so definitely take your time deciding on the right theme for your baby’s room. Once you’ve decided on a theme, use your choice to decide what colors fit your theme. For instance, if your theme is an ocean room, you might want a blue color palette. If you don’t have a theme in mind, but know that you want certain colors, then you can also work your theme around those colors by selecting decorations and patterns that pair well. 

What are the most popular colors for nurseries? Blues, greens, pinks, purples, whites,  and grays. 

Work Your Furniture Pieces Around Your Theme

Your nursery’s key furniture pieces, like the crib or the glider, will look best when the color is matched with your theme or color scheme. The baby’s bedding, too, is another way to represent your theme. You can choose from a variety of sheet colors and designs to fit your style. 

When shopping for nursery pieces, it’s a good idea to keep the future in mind. While it might be difficult to imagine your soon-to-be newborn as a rambunctious toddler, the day will come when your little one climbs right out of the crib. A baby bed that converts into a toddler bed and even daybed is a helpful investment. The ability to transform is also a good quality for your changing table. Some parents choose to simply leave a changing pad on top of a dresser instead of buying a specific table that will only be used for a couple of years. If you do buy a changing table, look for ways to reuse it in your home later on. 

Match Your Decor with Your Theme

Decorations will really bring your nursery to life, and there are so many choices. You can select art pieces that go along with your theme, like framed book pages for a children’s book theme. If you’re focused more on color, then you can select art pieces that you enjoy for your child’s room or floating shelves with colorful knick knacks and framed photographs. Wooden letters over the crib that spell out your new baby’s name is an elegant touch. You might even paint a mural on the wall or add wall decals. 

Keep your baby entertained by decorating the ceiling, too. Add a safe mobile over the changing area or paper lanterns from the ceiling. An area rug, too, can tie the whole room together and provide a soft space for baby to land when the crawling and walking phases start. 

Go Ahead and Child Proof

I know it seems too early, but you’ll thank yourself later. Milestones quickly creep up on you and a safe nursery will give you peace of mind. Go ahead and get in the habit of storing lotions, ointments, medications, and other items where your child won’t be able to access them. Use a safe night light in the nursery and keep cords up and out of a baby’s reach. Outlet plugs, too, can help protect your future crawling baby. If you have heavy furniture in your nursery, anchor those pieces to the wall to prevent them from toppling over. 

Consider Your Storage Options

Babies come with so much, well, stuff that even the roomiest homes can suddenly feel a whole lot smaller. Keep your space intact with clear storage bins that let you see what’s inside. Buy shelves with cubby holes for fabric bins. Invest in a book rack and use wall shelves to maximize space. 

When organizing items for your baby, you can also make it easier on yourself by keeping everyday supplies like diapers, wipes, wash cloths, and extra crib sheets in a caddy or drawer near your changing table. 

Dress Your Windows

When your baby takes naps and sleeps at night, you’ll want the room dark and cozy, but during the day, sunshine can brighten up the room. While you can choose blinds or blackout curtains, plantation shutters are some of the safest options for dressing your nursery’s windows. Plantation shutters don’t have a potentially dangerous cord that you have to tie up and away from your baby’s reach. Instead, you control plantation shutters by using a tilt rod to adjust the wooden slats of your shutter. This way, you can filter sunlight in and out of your room to suit your baby’s mood. 

Plantation shutters are also stylish choices for your nursery. They are aesthetically pleasing and bound to match any theme. You can even pair them with curtains!

Plantation Shutters for Every Nursery

No matter your room design, your baby’s nursery will be their sanctuary for years to come. Setting up your baby’s first bedroom is an incredible time in your life. If you’re ready to upgrade your nursery’s window treatment, call Shenandoah Shutters today. We’ve been handcrafting completely wooden plantation shutters for more than 30 years. We’re located in Richmond, within a day’s drive of all of our service areas in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. 

At Shenandoah Shutters, we offer cream-colored and stained shutters, as well as custom colors that are perfect for your baby’s first space. We use American woods of the highest quality, including yellow poplar, basswood, and specialty woods, like mahogany or oak. Are you also wanting plantation shutters on a French door or arch? What about the rest of the house? At Shenandoah Shutters, we can outfit every window of your home with gorgeous, handmade plantation shutters at a competitive price. 

How Is COVID-19 Affecting Shenandoah Shutters?

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