Will Plantation Shutters Fade? And Other Interior Shutters Questions Answered

If you want interior window treatments you can trust that make an elegant statement, plantation shutters are the way to go. They help to insulate your home, protect your windows, and add style to any room where you have plantation shutters installed. But plantation shutters are not interchangeable with blinds or drapes or sheer curtains. If you’re installing plantation shutters for the first time, you may find yourself full of questions. In today’s blog, let’s answer some of those questions, beginning with…

Will Plantation Shutters Fade?

Plantation shutters are typically made of hand-crafted wood, usually either stained or painted white or cream. But wood materials can begin to fade and typically need to be stained every few years in order to keep looking fresh. Interior plantation shutters are likely to last longer without needing to be refreshed, as they’re not exposed to the elements the way exterior shutters are. But in time, they may still need to be repainted or stained in order to retain their fresh look.

Shenandoah Shutters ensures that the vibrancy of our shutters lasts for as long as possible with our quality crafting. For instance, it often comes down to the type of wood we use. Basswood is porous, so while it makes for perfect wood stained shutters, it’s not ideal for white or cream shutters. For these, we use a denser wood such as yellow poplar. This helps to make the color of painted shutters pop so they stay vibrant for longer. We also help enhance the color of your shutters by offering custom woods such as cherry or mahogany.

Why Wood Shutters?

Though plantation shutters are typically made of wood, they are also sometimes made with a man-made composite material. Though this may be lauded by manufacturers, there’s really no replacing the look and feel of genuine wood shutters. On top of their classic beauty and genuine feel, wood plantation shutters are lighter than poly, composite shutters. They can also be painted or stained to suit your preferences, while composite shutters typically come in a limited, preset color. While wood can be high maintenance on the exterior, it makes for perfect interior plantation shutters.

Where Should Plantation Shutters Be Mounted?

When mounting plantation shutters, you can either go for an inside mount or an outside mount. This is not referring to interior or exterior shutters, but rather whether or not the shutters are within the window frame. For an inside mount, the window must first be measured to ensure that it is square and the shutters will fit. Our patented Softedge shutters are perfect for this kind of mount, because of their subtle frames and hidden tilt wands. They’re designed to fit within the window frame perfectly. An outside mount will allow the window to look fuller, especially when the shutters are closed, so this can be ideal for small windows. 

Can Plantation Shutters Be Customized?

It really comes down to the plantation shutter manufacturer. A quality crafter of plantation shutters will put your vision for your plantation shutters first. We offer multiple styles of plantation shutters, from full height to cafe style shutters, stained or painted shutters, and we also offer shutters that come in custom woods, such as mahogany, oak, or cherry. Because we have so many options — including customization options — you’re more likely to find the plantation shutters you truly want for your home.

Are Plantation Shutters Still in Style?

Plantation shutters have been around in some form or another since the days of ancient Greece. One might have thought that in all that time, they would have become old-fashioned. The truth is, however, that plantation shutters never go out of style. Part of that is being able to adjust to the times. While traditional plantation shutters are still a classic, our Softedge shutters fit perfectly with minimalist home designs, and cafe shutters have a versatility that suits a number of styles. Plantation shutters remain very much in style today and don’t seem likely to go out of it any time soon.

Can Plantation Shutters Suit Windows With Unique Shapes?

Vinyl blinds and drapes can come in a variety of sizes, but only really one shape, which doesn’t particularly showcase your unique window shapes. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are made to fit to your windows. This is again where custom plantation shutters can come in handy. They can be made for curved windows, circular windows, and more, offering that same lighting filtration while enhancing the style of your windows. 

What Is a “Hidden Tilt Bar”?

Plantation shutters need tilt bars in order to adjust the louvers and let in the proper amount of sunlight. When we talk about our Softedge shutters, one of the perks we discuss is the hidden tilt bar. This means that the tilt bar will not be in the center of the shutters as it often is. Instead, it’s in a panel off to one side of the shutters where it is less obtrusive to the sunlight that filters into the room. 

Still looking for the perfect plantation shutters for your home? Shenandoah Shutters makes beautiful, handcrafted plantation shutters in Richmond, Virginia. Contact us today to learn more or come by our woodshop to see the shutters for yourself.