Why Plantation Shutters Are the Perfect Window Treatment For Winter

Wintertime is here and so is the cold weather, harsh winds, and abundance of snowfall. The dropping temperatures may require you to make some home renovations in order to keep out the cold and stay warm. In this article, we will explore why plantation shutters are the perfect window treatment for winter. 

What Are Plantation Shutters?

You might be asking yourself, “What exactly are plantation shutters?” 

Plantation shutters are a classic design that is measured to fit around your windows and help with light control, temperature control, privacy, and so much more. These shutters are extremely versatile and can work with virtually any type of window. They can be crafted to fit the style and decor of your home with different wood types, textures, and colors. If you want to avoid having to use heavy traditional curtains at your windows, consider upgrading to plantation shutters for a classic yet modern look. 

Plantation Shutters Help With Heat Retention

One of the most important reasons as to why plantation shutters work so well during the wintertime is due to their heat retention abilities. They keep the inside of your home warm and block out cold weather and harsh winds. If you live in a colder climate, you know just how costly it can be to heat the inside of your home. 

Even when you do decide to crank up the heat, a lot of this warmth will escape through your windows. In fact, studies show that 25-50% of the energy that heats your home with can escape through your windows. Plantation shutters help to add a protective layer between your windows and the rest of your house. Blinds and shades can let air get through gaps, but plantation shutters do not have this problem. 

They Are Easy to Clean

The cold weather can make your house accumulate with salt, snow, dust, and more. Plantation shutters are loved by many due to how easy they are to clean! Simply give your shutters a quick wipe down with a feather duster or gentle cloth. There are no strings or rods attached to plantation shutters, making the cleaning process a breeze. 

Plantation Shutters Provide a Moisture Barrier 

Plantation shutters also provide a moisture barrier during the winter when the outside of your home is cold but the inside is hot. You can have your shutters made of water-resistant wood which eliminates moisture build-up helping to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

These Shutters Can Be Custom Made

Plantation shutters are perfect for the winter because they can be custom-made to fit your home perfectly. Instead of buying a standard size shutter, we will come into your home and install your new shutters to perfection, allowing you to breathe easy knowing that less air will be escaping through cracks and crevices. Whatever style you choose, you can be confident that your shutters will be custom-made to fit the shape of your windows without leaving any gaps. 
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