Why Plantation Shutters Are a Great Investment For Your Home

At Shenandoah Shutters, we get a lot of different questions about our custom plantation shutters, but one of the most common ones is, “Are custom plantation shutters a good investment to improve home value?” Well, we say “Yes!” and we’re going to tell you all the reasons why.

Plantation shutters have a precise, custom fit, sleek aesthetics, and the best insulation for window coverings. If you’re planning to sell your home, bespoke window treatments are a great value-added perk for buyers.

Benefits of Installing Custom Shutters

Custom plantation shutters are a long-term solution for window covering, lasting much longer than drapes or other types of blinds. Installed correctly, these fitted shutters reduce your energy bills and give you greater control over the lighting in your home. While the initial cost of custom shutters is more than hanging plastic blinds or fabric curtains, the practicality, durability, and longevity of shutters will ensure that they pay for themselves over time.

There are several key benefits of installing custom window shutters in your Virginia home or office.


Your home is your castle, and ensuring that you have privacy is essential. While all window coverings provide privacy to one degree or another, the precise fit and closure of plantation shutters leave no doubt that others cannot see inside your home or office. You can adjust the shutters to allow more or less light inside and completely cover the window when you wish privacy.

Increases Your Home’s Value

Custom plantation shutters add value to your home, which improves your appraisal value and makes the house more attractive to buyers. Knowing that they won’t have to invest in window coverings is a perk for buyers. Plantation shutters add a clean, sleek appearance and, when coordinated with the interior design of the house, make each room look complete and comfortable.

Custom shutters made from the premium materials that Shenandoah Shutters uses are far more durable and long-lasting than other types of window coverings. The superior craftsmanship of these window coverings is a valuable architectural detail that increases value in your house.

Tailor-Made For Each Window

Custom shutters are created to fit each individual window and designed for your preferences, from color to finish. Because each window in your home is custom measured for the shutters, there are no gaps that allow light or drafts, unlike curtains or traditional blinds. Plantation shutters can even be fitted to unusually shaped windows, such as semi-circle or fan, or can be fitted in older homes, where the window sizes may not be uniform throughout the house.

Lower Energy Bills

The precision fit of plantation shutters, including measured window sweeps, means that the fit is as close as possible. When closed, the shutters block out glare and direct sunlight, which can make your home uncomfortably hot during a Virginia summer. This reduces your cooling bills and keeps your home at a more consistent temperature.

It’s this exact precision fit that makes plantation shutters more energy efficient in the winter, too. Because they completely cover the glass, shutters reduce drafts from chilly wintertime air and cold air from coming into your home. It prevents warm air from the furnace from escaping through the windows, which keeps your home warmer.

Consistent temperature control means that it will cost you less to heat or cool your home. In fact, plantation shutters may help insulate your home almost 70% better than ordinary window coverings, and this savings on utility bills adds up over time.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Not only are plantation shutters efficient, they’re also durable and easy to maintain. Shenandoah Shutters uses only the highest quality wood, usually basswood and poplar, which accept many kinds of stains and paints. Natural wood, as opposed to presswood, lasts longer and is less likely to chip or flake away. We also seal the ends of the shutters, which reduces the chances that the wood will warp.

Do Custom Shutters Add Home Value?

Yes! The architectural detail makes your home look nicer, and the longevity of plantation shutters indicates that you’ve made a tangible investment in your home’s finishes. The money you’ll save each year on energy costs also improves your home’s value. Privacy and a sophisticated appearance make each room look nicer for buyers, too.

Your Virginia home deserves a personalized touch, and the design team at Shenandoah Shutters is here to help. Our free consultation services ensure that your custom window coverings are made to fit your home and your taste. We offer custom-crafted shutters made in our Richmond woodshop and use only the highest quality wood.

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Beautiful, easy to clean, and long-lasting plantation shutters are an attractive architectural investment in your home. They elevate the appearance of every room in the house and give you the benefit of privacy and better insulation. Whatever style of plantation shutter you desire, including our patented Softedge shutters, we can create them. 

We offer everything you need to make a sound investment in your home and increase its resale value. Give us a call today for a personalized consultation, or browse our gallery of completed projects on Facebook to see examples of our work!