Unique Plantation Shutter Ideas For Your Home

If you are planning on installing plantation shutters in your home, this article is for you! Plantation shutters never go out of style and can be used to spruce up your bedroom, living room, or dining room spaces. They are sturdy and easy to clean, making them perfect for a family house. Let’s explore unique ideas you can use when installing plantation shutters in your space.

Get Creative With Materials

When choosing plantation shutters, it’s important to evaluate all of your options. These shutters come in a variety of materials such as vinyl, fake wood, hardwood, and plastic. Decide which shutters will best complement your existing furniture and go from there. If you’re looking for long lasting and authentic beauty, wood is usually the best way to go. 

Choose a Color That Matches Your Aesthetic

Most homeowners will opt for a standard white plantation shutter. While keeping things crisp and coordinated can be great for style, adding a pop of color can help bring out accents in your home and make the space more uniquely you. You can order shutters in a variety of colors, including natural woodgrain stains. 

Invest in Long Curtains

Long curtains look beautiful when paired with plantation shutters. This is another way to add a pop of color and make your home more customized and inviting, rather than choosing a bold color for your shutters. You can even get creative when picking fabric and texture to add another element of fun to your space. Long curtains also add an extra layer of privacy and light control, making them a great addition to your bedroom decor. 

Install Them On Your Doors

Plantation shutters are often installed on doors, specifically a french door style. This adds a vintage touch to your home and provides an extra layer of privacy and light control. You can even add plantation shutters on your sliding glass doors for a beautiful look inside and outside the home.

We hope this article helps you become inspired to decorate your home with plantation shutters in a unique way. Happy customizing! Looking for the perfect plantation shutters for your home? Contact Shenandoah Shutters today to invest in handcrafted wooden shutters built right here in Richmond, VA.