The Safety Angle

Jackie DuVal , April, 2016


It’s common knowledge that plantation shutters help with light control and privacy. What is often overlooked, however, are the added benefits of child and pet safety.

Sadly, many families know how unsafe standard blinds can be.  Serious injuries (and even strangulation) have become a common problem. Children are curious; hanging strings or cords are a temptation to a toddler. Plantation shutters, however, have no strings. There are tilt rods attached to the shutters (stationary, not hanging or dangling), and even hidden tilt rods, built right into the inside of the shutter, just depending on your preference. If you have kids, or pets for that matter (let’s not forget the phrase, “curiosity killed the cat.”), shutters offer one less thing to worry about when it comes to safety.

Aside from strings and cords, small children also make a habit of pulling on blinds or curtains. When a set of blinds or a curtain rod comes tumbling down, it is very likely to land on the child. This same risk goes for climbing cats, and window- watching dogs. Installation of plantation shutters is much more stable than hanging blinds or curtains.

Another safety benefit of plantation shutters is protecting your children and pets from harmful UV rays. Very often, we hear from customers that certain windows let in too much direct light, for too long, each day. For pets and children, this presents another risk. The UV rays that come into your home, especially for extended periods of time, can cause damage to both skin and eyes. UV rays, however, cannot penetrate solid wood. Standard blinds or curtains do not offer that level of protection.

In summary, aside from the beauty and functionality of plantation shutters, they clearly offer a fantastic safety alternative to standard blinds and curtains. Shutters will bring elegance and beauty to your home or office, without presenting safety risks. What better way to increase your home’s value?

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