Shutters: More Than Decoration!

Jackie DuVal, March, 2016

So many of us think that plantation shutters are simple window treatments, made only for decoration. While the decorative aspect is true, they’re also good for so much more! Plantation shutters have a ton of functionality and benefits – way beyond just looks!

Obviously, shutters help with blocking light. Plantation shutters, however, offer a lot more control, as to how much light you’d like to block. Many of our customers have mentioned light being a real hassle for a certain time frame each day, or coming through only a portion of a window. Because of this, several of them opt for separate shutters on the top and bottom half of a window, in order to combat the light. This level of control is not usually something standard blinds or curtains will offer. Side Note: Shutters won’t help you if you’re a vampire…you’re on your own, there.

Shutters also provide privacy. While shadows and movement can be seen through certain types of blinds, they may not be seen through solid wood. Because you control them, you’re the boss when it comes to privacy. Side note: Shutters will not help with the neighbors hearing your loud music…you’re on your own, there.

Plantation shutters will also protect your furniture and floors. While it may not be the most commonly considered issue, the sun can wreak havoc on hard wood floors, carpets, and furniture. Installing plantation shutters can dramatically cut back on this damage. Because the solid wood shutters can block the sun, you will no longer have to worry about the sun’s effects on your valuable belongings! Side note: Shutters will not help red wine stains on the floor or furniture…you’re on your own there.

Clearly, Shutters are decorations, as well. There’s no denying the beauty of plantation shutters on your window. Because each order is customized, they’re always going to be exactly what you want in your home. Regardless of which style or color you chose, they are a timeless addition that will never go out of style. Side note: Shutters will not help with the shag carpet you thought would never go out of style…you’re on your own, there.

As you can see shutters provide more than just decoration; the functionality list is quite impressive! If you have questions about this blog, or anything else regarding our product or company, please don’t hesitate to call! We’d love to hear from you at: 804-355-9300, or on our Facebook page ( And if any of these side notes apply to you, don’t worry, we won’t judge.