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Plantation Shutters for Uniquely Shaped Windows

Plantation Shutters for Uniquely Shaped Windows

Shopping for window treatments can get difficult when your home has uniquely shaped windows, such as circle windows or arched windows. The good news, though, is that there is a window treatment to solve this problem, and that window treatment is the custom plantation shutter. Here is a look at some of the most common shaped windows in homes and how custom plantation shutters can be made to fit them perfectly.

Circle and Oval Plantation Shutters

Oval Plantation ShuttersDoes your home have a circle or oval window? If you’ve considered blinds or shades for your windows in the past, you probably ruled out finding a suitable window treatment for this window. With plantation shutters, however, you can have a shutter custom made with precisely cut slats that cover only the circular shape of the window. Shutters can be made to have all horizontal slats, or they can be made to have slats that are oriented around the center of the circle (sunburst).

Arch Plantation Shutters

Custom Plantation Shutters Before Finish is Applied

Many of today’s windows feature an arch shaped window on top of a standard rectangular window. Arched windows actually come in many different types and have different names to classify them, including half-circle, eyebrow, quarter round, ellipse, and circle top. Whether your arched windows are perfect semi-circles (half circle), or they feature straight edges along the sides (eyebrow with extended legs), plantation shutters can be custom made to suit these windows. As with circular window shutters, arch window shutters can be made to have all horizontal slats, or slats that are oriented around the center of the arch (sunburst), depending on the shape of the window.

French door cut-out Plantation Shutters

Beautiful Shadowbox Plantation ShuttersSome French style doors feature a square or oval cut-out where the door handle is located. This might seem to complicate things when you choose to install plantation shutters on the glass of your French style door. The good news, however, is that custom plantation shutters solve this problem completely. Even if the glass on your door isn’t a perfect rectangle, a plantation shutter can be fitted and mounted with ease. And that’s something that blinds simply can’t do.

Other Plantation Shutters for Uniquely Shaped Windows

Odd Shaped Plantation ShuttersConsider the many window shapes that today’s homes have, including gothic arch, triangle, trapezoid, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, and quarter radius. Windows come in virtually countless shapes and sizes. Unlike any other type of window treatment, plantation shutters can be made to suit any and all of these shapes.

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