Interior Plantation Shutters – The Romantic Side

“Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.  William Morris (1834-1896). Noted English designer, poet, and novelist.

Mr. Morris could have been referring to a well-crafted custom interior plantation shutters.  No other window treatment allows the control of light, privacy and a wonderful finishing aesthetic all in one fell swoop.  Keeping it simple.

interior plantation shuttersMore and more people are removing the clutter in their homes, putting things in their place creating a lighter, more organized breath of fresh air.   This truly creates a fresh breath in our feelings of contentment and well-being.  Shutters can help evoke simplicity.

Culling out the heaviness of draperies and blinds with the fresh look of shutters; opens up a room and lightens the mood.  With our hectic lives of “go here, go there”, it’s just a good feeling to come home to a sense of respite and calm.  Shutters provide simple lines of enough architectural detail to lend interest and warmth without the cumbersome fullness of fabric.

For guests approaching your home at sundown, the warmth of lamplight shining through angled louvers is the first welcome to them before you open the door.  We are home and can’t wait for you to arrive!

On the nights you come home from another day “in paradise” and want to shut out the hard cruel world, no other treatment will so beautifully cover those harsh dark rectangles of glass.  You will want to raise a glass of comfort in the coziness of your home fires.

Morning sunlight slanting through the good look of plantation shutters brings in your newest day.  For others, keeping your louvers closed from the intrusion of sunlight into your bedroom may not keep the rooster from crowing, or your alarm from buzzing, but probably will invite you to spend a little longer on your pillow.

There’s nothing romantic about sneezing from the dust collected on window treatment fabrics or selecting fabrics every few years to change with our color trends or whims.  A finer plantation shutter is the home investment that will continue to live in your home, bringing a commitment to your windows and all you have to do is enjoy.  A custom shutter built and installed by a company with many years of handcrafting expertise in their own wood shop will bring that commitment to you.  Soft window treatments certainly have their place, but for a simple and interesting look that is so easy to live with; a good shutter outshines the rest.

Decorating our home is a much-beloved chore of the heart for so many of us.  It’s where we return to every day to love our families, make memories and, yes, lick our wounds sometimes.  Life is complex.  Living in your home should not be.  We want our “things” around us and to feel at home.  And maybe be able to really appreciate our fireside for the joy it gives us.

Mr. Morris had the right idea in his day and time that is still more than ever, sage advice.