Plantation Shutters For Small Windows

We know that plantation shutters can look great on large double hung windows or bay and bow windows. But what about smaller shapes? Small windows can be tricky to deal with. Either narrow or simply short, it’s hard to know the right window treatments to use for them. Curtains can dwarf them, blinds can hang down loosely. Plantation shutters can be ideal for a number of reasons, but will they serve your small windows? Here’s what you need to know.

Plantation Shutters Are Sized To Fit Your Window

Plantation shutters are designed to fit to the frame of the window, whatever size or shape that window might be. At Shenandoah Shutters, all of our plantation shutters are made at our workshop in Richmond. We take in the dimensions of your window and we make our shutters fit that, which means that even small windows will have plantation shutters that are made to fit them. This will help create a more cohesive feel overall.

Plantation Shutters Add Perception and Style to Small Windows

Maybe you have very narrow casement windows? The horizontal louvers of plantation shutters can help make them seem wider. Plantation shutters, especially traditional plantation shutters, have a grand and classic sort of style. If you have ever worried about your small windows looking out of place, worry no more. Plantation shutters will add elegance to them and may even trick the viewer’s perception into seeing them as larger. 

Different Plantation Shutter Shapes

Traditional plantation shutters are usually one or two vertical panels that frame the window in a timelessly elegant way. But these are not the only plantation shutter shapes you can use. Shenandoah Shutters offers our patented Softedge shutters, which are beloved because of their subtle edges that seem to blend in with your window frame. These will offer your small window all the benefits of plantation shutters without overwhelming them. There are also cafe shutters in the event that you’d like to leave half of your small window open. These shutters cover the lower half of the window, leaving the top bare or to be covered with a small curtain.

The Benefit of Custom Plantation Shutters

In some cases, small windows also come with a shape that’s somewhat outside the norm for windows. For instance, you may have a small, circular picture window or an awning window that is more horizontal than vertical. While these might not be well suited to the traditional rectangular plantation shutters, that doesn’t mean there are no plantation shutter options for you. At Shenandoah Shutters, we make custom plantation shutters as well, using unique wood upon request or creating our shutters to fit unique shapes. The shutters should fit your window, rather than your window having to fit our shutters.

Whether your windows are large or small, Shenandoah Shutters can help you find the perfect plantation shutters for them. Contact us today to learn more or to visit our workshop and showroom in Richmond.