Meet Jodi!

Jackie DuVal, April, 2016


Jodi, who is our customer service manager, has been with us for just under 4 years.  As a valued member of our team, she really takes responsibly in many of the aspects of this company. If you ever get the chance to meet her or work with her, you’ll be impressed with her work ethics, her helpful demeanor, and her love for this company. In the meantime, take a moment to get to know Jodi in some of her own words!

When asked what the biggest lesson she’s learned here would be, Jodi said, “I’ve learned that there are actually companies out there that still take pride in their work! The fact that everything here is handmade, installed by us, etc., shows me that there’s still businesses that know how to do it right. Everything here is done in-house, from start to finish. That’s encouraging to see. “

Jodi says one of the most amazing stories she could tell about her experience here is the time she got to watch an installation.  “I don’t go out in the field much, so when I got to see that, I was pretty impressed. It was a 4 story home, and we were putting in shutters for the whole house. It was so quick and seamless. We often hear from customers who are blown away by how quickly our installers work, and are always so happy with the end result. They really have it down to a science!”  Jodi’s right, it’s a very common compliment we receive from our customers. Our install team, like so many of the other team members, have been here so long, they have the exact formulated routine needed to be quick and efficient. We couldn’t agree more, Jodi!

Additionally, much like her admiration for the installation team, she feels very much the same for all the employees here. “They truly are like family. I know people always say it, but it’s so true, here. They are genuinely great people, and after spending so much time with them, we all tend to learn more about each other ; our stories, our backgrounds and our family. Over time, we all start to become involved in caring about each other’s families, and situations.  In other words, if my kids are sick, they ask about them.” Jodi went on to talk about the team being her motivation on some days. “If there’s ever a day where it’s hard to get up and go to work, I think of my team, and I’m ready to come in.”

Lastly, we asked Jodi, if there was one thing you wish the public knew about us, what would it be? She had a great answer, and we’re so proud to say it’s perfectly true! “The majority of our business comes from either repeat customers, or customer referrals. I think that’s so telling. It really shows how we take such good care of our customers, that they come back.” Again, Jodi’s take on our business is spot on. From start to finish, the whole process of your shutters is done here.  There is no middle man when working with us. From the first call, to the manufacturing, to the installation, we take pride in the fact that we handle the whole process. “And we’ll continue to do so,” Jodi says.  “We’re not going anywhere.”

Be sure to say hi to Jodi, if you get the chance! She’s a valuable part of our team, for sure!