Meet Amy!

Jackie DuVal
June 13, 2017

Our customers in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and other nearby locations have been working with Amy (one of our two sales reps) for almost a decade. If you’re one of them, you’ll love to hear from her in this interview. If not, take a moment to get to know her!

Amy has been with us for 9 years, starting in 2007. In that time, she’s made new friends in her customers, and continued many relationships with repeat customers. She’s been recommended by customers many times, and has had too many lovely customer comment cards sent in to count. As a well-loved member of our team, we wanted to know her opinion on being part of this group; she fondly answered, “The fact that this is a small company makes us so much closer. The office team is like a family to me. We all help each other out, and I love that.” That feeling, as you can imagine, is mutual around here!

After 9 years in the field, we asked Amy what the biggest lesson she’s learned so far, is. It’s not easy to pick just one, of course, but she answered, “The difference in quality of shutters. I’ve never seen another product that compares to ours! It’s pretty astounding, actually. We have something no one else offers. They’re put together so well. I go back into homes sometimes after 20 years or so, and they still look amazing. Our product is just simply great, and really stands out.” We have to agree with her here, too. There’s a big difference in hand-made, custom shutters, and those that come off of an assembly line.

Lastly, we wanted to know her answer to the most important question; what’s the one thing you wish the general public knew about our company, product, or people? Her answer was very telling. “I wish people knew right away that we don’t use big boxy frames on their windows, and more importantly, that they will get amazing customer service, here. They have a warranty on their purchase; they’ll never have to struggle with customer service, because we always put them first. They will always get help from our people, not a battle.” She’s right; our products are high quality, but if anything does need attention, we’ll take care of it.

Amy, like the rest of our team, is an integral part of Shenandoah’s success. We value her, and the stack of comment cards we’ve received about her show that you do, too.
If you’re interested in Amy coming for a visit (or repeat visit, for that matter), please call us at: 804-355-9300. She’ll provide you with advice, measurements, a price quote, and a smile!