How To Keep Plantation Shutters From Fading

Plantation shutters look beautiful the moment you first install them on your windows. Painted shutters can look sleek and smooth, and stained shutters bring out the authentic beauty of the wood. But many homeowners worry that beauty won’t last. What happens if, after a few years, the finish begins to fade? Fortunately, with the right plantation shutters and these tips, you can keep your shutters looking as beautiful as the day you got them for years to come.

Find the Right Plantation Shutters

If you want to keep your plantation shutters from fading, the first step is to find plantation shutters that are less likely to fade. Plantation shutters at Shenandoah Shutters, for instance, are a cut above the rest. These are handcrafted with carefully selected wood chosen to bring out the color in the shutters and hold it for years. We use basswood for our stained shutters, while a denser yellow poplar serves for our painted shutters. This selection helps to keep them looking vibrant long after you purchase them.

Choose Light Colors or Natural Wood Stain

The darker the color of your plantation shutters, the more likely they will be to fade. It is very difficult for white plantation shutters or cream plantation shutters to fade. Fortunately, white is the most popular color when it comes to interior plantation shutters. Our painted shutters come in cream and white, so they’re less likely to develop a worn and faded look over time. We also offer stained shutters. While the stain can begin to fade, it will take some time before it affects that natural wood charm.

Keep Up Plantation Shutter Maintenance

Plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain, but keeping up occasional maintenance is still a good idea. As these shutters are made with real wood, make sure to use gentle cleaners and to wipe them down with a damp cloth rather than letting any water soak into them. These shutters can easily be adjusted and louvers tilted to ensure that you clean them from every angle. This is a quick chore which you’ll only need to do about once a week, and it will have a payoff that lasts for years.

At Shenandoah Shutters, we’re confident in the quality of our plantation shutters. Each shutter is handcrafted in our workshop in Richmond, Virginia. We ensure that we make shutters that will not just make a great first impression but will wow you for as long as you have them.

Want to learn more about our shutters? Contact us today to order your own or come visit our showroom to see for yourself.