How To Choose the Best Plantation Shutters For Your Home’s Style

Every home is unique; the outside tells the architectural story set out by the builder, while the inside is an ongoing narrative of styles and trends. Your home’s windows are a meeting point of architectural style and interior design. Do you have a cape cod home with symmetrical double hung windows? A traditional home with bay windows? A modern home with angled or slanted windows? Or even a victorian with round and half-radius windows? No matter the style – your windows are truly the ‘window’ to your home’s soul. And, just as importantly, your interior window treatments should reflect your home’s style, your personal style, and – hopefully – lots of light! 

Why Plantation Shutters

One great option for interior window treatments are plantation shutters. They originated in the open, breezy homes of the Caribbean and the stately Old South, and were appreciated for their ability to block the direct heat of the sun while still allowing in cooling breezes. Homeowners today still want to block the sun and control privacy without sacrificing the beauty and warmth of natural sunlight. These types of shutters come in different styles and finishes and bring a simple, sophisticated beauty to any space. 

First, it’s important to understand the architectural style of your home and really take inventory as to what types of windows you have. Plantation shutters can be single panel, double panel, have dividers in the middle, can open out like a door, can be curved, have a natural wood stain or a sleek white finish, and so much more. No matter the shape of your window, plantation shutters can be a good option. 

Style and Architecture

Some common home and window styles include:

  • Cape Cod: A traditional style of home with double hung windows with different sash heights and dormer windows
  • Tudor: A stucco exterior with contrasting trim, featuring dormer windows, 2 or 3 windows grouped together, and small half-radius windows. 
  • Victorian: A historic style of home with round windows, half radius windows, tall/narrow windows, and French doors. 
  • Craftsman bungalow: Double hung and single hung windows combined, sliding patio doors, and trim overhang. 

While the outside of your home tells its architectural style, the inside of your home is where your personal style gets to shine. From your wall colors to your furniture, textiles, and art selections – your home is you! Window treatments are just another element to add style, charm, and YOU to your home. Whether you’re going for mid-century modern with clean lines, or the ever-popular farmhouse rustic look, one thing a lot of homeowners want is more natural light. Plantation shutters offer charm and sophistication to your home while being able to control the amount of light coming in.

Types of Shutters

For a home with lots of craftsman character – maybe for those working the boho look- consider plantation shutters with transoms exposed or even double hung shutters which can be opened from the top or the bottom. They can look great around arched doorways, and those oddly sized stained glass windows that come in craftsman and Victorian style homes.

For styles like mid-century modern that go for clean lines with a hint of retro – cafe shutters can add that diner feel, with sophistication. They only cover the bottom half to ⅔ of the window to allow lots of light to come in, but not directly on you while sitting down, like in a diner. While these shutters are traditionally used in kitchens and dining rooms, they add light and texture to living rooms and bedrooms as well. 

For just an overall traditional look, single hung shutters can’t be beat. They add elegance and, since they aren’t broken up by a divider, will heighten the room. 

Not sure what your interior design style is? 

Your Interior Design

Here are some popular Interior Styles:

  • Mid-Century Modern: Clean lines, natural wood stains, design styles that reflect that from the mid 20th century.
  • Boho: Often incorporating bright colors, mixed textiles, lots of plants, and worldly-inspired art.
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary: Clean, sleek, modern.
  • Minimalist: Focuses on minimizing clutter and stuff
  • Farmhouse: Rustic country elements, natural woods mixed with metal/industrial accents. 


Other than the shape and functionality of your shutters, the final question to ask yourself is…Stained vs. White – Which Should I Choose?

Our advice? Match the rest of the trim in your house. Oftentimes in older, even historic, homes, the trim will be the original dark, wood stain. By maintaining this original trim work, you are maintaining the integrity of the craftsmanship that went into the home. Adding stained plantation shutters to match the trim will make the shutters appear that they’ve been there as long as your home has. 

No matter your home’s style, plantation shutters add an element of sophistication while also providing shade, privacy, and charm to your home. A window treatment expert can talk you through the style you’re going for, and the options to fit your project, budget, and style. Contact Shenandoah Shutters today to learn more about our plantation shutters or to order some of your own.