How Plantation Shutters Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

With stay-at-home orders still common across the East Coast, it’s understandable that many homeowners are starting to daydream about selling their homes. Maybe you’ve realized that there just isn’t enough space for the size of your family, or maybe you even want to downsize to a smaller house. No matter your reason for thinking of selling, boosting your home’s curb appeal can make a huge difference in the outcome.

Thoroughly cleaning your home and tending to repairs before you attempt a sale is a given, but what about your house’s curb appeal? Your curb appeal is that important first impression given to potential buyers when they first see your house from the outside. 

What Boosts a Home’s Curb Appeal?

Making your home as attractive to buyers as possible is the key to elevated curb appeal. The best thing to do is to stand outside of your own house and really take in its strengths and weaknesses. Does the front door need a new coat of paint? Do the hedges need a trim? Taking simple, inexpensive steps like mowing the yard or pressure washing the siding can make your home look fresh and new. You might even consider adding a live wreath to the door or potted plants to the front porch. Choose plants with lively colors or bright greenery, and use them to accentuate walkways and windows. You’ll also want to make sure that your walkway isn’t cracked or run-down. If you don’t have a defined pathway for your house, you might consider building one

If you have plenty of space, you could include outdoor furniture to make your house more inviting. Cleaning off outdoor lighting fixtures is another easy way to boost curb appeal. Replace old fixtures or dust and clean existing fixtures to leave your home looking maintained. Even things like old house numbers or dated mailboxes can affect first impressions. Luckily, most of these details can be accomplished all on your own without outside help or a lot of money. 

Your windows, too, are an important part of boosting your home’s curb appeal. Homeowners want to know that there are enough windows for quality sunlight. This is where your window treatments come into play. When it comes to curb appeal, certain window treatments are more highly valued than others by homebuyers.

How Do Plantation Shutters Boost Curb Appeal and Home Value?

Plantation shutters do more than just boost curb appeal. They are also one of the rare upgrades that actually adds value to your home. Why are plantation shutters a terrific investment for sellers?

  • Aesthetics. Window treatments don’t just control sunlight. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Plantation shutters, in particular, are upscale, solid, and historic. They never go out of style. Wooden plantation shutters blend right in with custom moulding and furniture, adding to your home’s character. Plantation shutters are also unique in that, when they are used to control sunlight, you can easily filter the light in and out of your home to create the perfect ambiance. You can customize your plantation shutters for a price that is similar to custom drapery. The tailored look of plantation shutters is another favorite of homebuyers. 
  • Energy-efficiency. Buyers are frequently looking for energy-efficient home options. Plantation shutters naturally insulate your home, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The result is lower heating and air bills that are easily attractive to homebuyers. 
  • Security. Plantation shutters offer an extra layer of privacy that is valuable to homeowners, without sacrificing picturesque home views and warm sunlight. When the shutters are closed, homeowners don’t have to worry about prying eyes looking through their windows. 
  • Permanency. Unlike blinds or curtains, plantation shutters stay with the home when it is sold. Homebuyers don’t have to worry about purchasing new window treatments or changing the look of the home with the removal of its current treatment. 
  • Durability. Plantation shutters are durable and long-lasting. With high-quality wooden material and top-notch manufacturing, plantation shutters delight homeowners for years to come. Plantation shutters are also easier to maintain than soft window treatments, like curtains, which tend to tear or fade over time. You can simply dust or gently polish plantation shutters, and they look as good as new!

Invest in Plantation Shutters for the Ultimate Home Upgrade

Adding plantation shutters to your home will make a difference when it comes time to sell. They might even refresh your house enough to make you want to stay! 

Shenandoah Shutters handcrafts beautiful, all wood plantation shutters in Richmond, Virginia. We’ve been serving Virginia, D.C, and Maryland for more than 30 years. Our custom made plantation shutters are available in stains, whites, and custom colors. We use yellow poplar wood for our cream colors and basswood for our rich stains. Shenandoah Shutters also offers custom wood favorites, like mahogany, cherry, and oak. We handfinish each shutter with a gorgeous silken lacquer. We even offer a 100-year warranty on the plantation shutters and a 25-year warranty on the finish. 

Choose from Traditional and Contemporary Designs at Shenandoah

Plantation shutters, in some form, have been around for centuries, but they never grow stale. At Shenandoah Shutters, we offer the traditional, movie famous style of plantation shutter, as well as plantation shutters with more modern twists. We know that different windows have different needs. That’s why we created the Softedge design, a particularly seamless option for casements and tilt-ins. You can even add plantation shutters to your sliding glass or French door for an effortlessly charming look that draws in homebuyers. At Shenandoah Shutters, we can customize plantation shutters to match windows of any shape or size. 

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