How Long Does Plantation Shutter Installation Take?

At Shenandoah Shutters, we install every set of plantation shutters we sell. Because we’re so experienced with plantation shutter installation — and we know the windows of the area and the shutters we build — you can have confidence that your shutters are installed properly and efficiently. The question is how long that takes. 

While the installation itself is likely to take perhaps the least amount of time, the process of ordering your shutters to plantation shutter installation is a different story. Typically, the process from start to finish is about 4-7 weeks from order placement. Here’s why:

In-Home Consultation

Our in-home estimate is not required for plantation shutter purchase, but it is certainly recommended. With our in-home estimates, a sales consultant will arrive with sample panels so you can see how the plantation shutters will look in your own home. This will need to be scheduled based on your availability and ours, but once the day comes, it typically takes only an hour or so.

Hand-Crafted Plantation Shutters

Our shutters are made by hand in our workshop in Richmond, Virginia. We want to make sure they’re beautifully crafted and made to last, which can take time. The crafting of the shutters themselves will take up the most time when it comes to the process of your plantation shutters; but is well worth the wait for plantation shutters that are crafted just for your home, according to the measurements of your window and your style preferences.

Specialty or Custom Shutters

We also offer plantation shutters made with custom woods such as oak, cherry, or mahogany upon request from the customer. We also offer specialty shutters such as shutters with a sunburst arch. These shutters, however, take slightly longer than our standard shutters due to having the right supplies in stock and the extra labor required for the design. We want to make sure our custom shutters are also made to our usual standard of excellence, and our customers find them to be worth the wait.

Our Availability and Yours

The project also depends on our workload and availability. During peak season for plantation shutter orders — especially spring and summer — certain projects might take longer than they would in fall and winter simply due to the demand. Your availability also plays a role. When scheduling a day for the installation itself, you’ll need to find something that works within your schedule, as well as ours.

Plantation Shutter Installation

Once the date is set and the day finally comes, the actual installation will likely only last for an hour or two. It depends largely on the types of plantation shutters you order, as well as how many you plan to have installed. Old window treatments will need to be removed and the new shutters will then be installed. They will be secured to the window for durability. Before the team leaves, your shutters will not only be installed but you will know how to use them.

Before the job begins, you’ll be given a quote that should give you not just the price of the work but an estimated amount of time it will take for your shutters to be installed. Have further questions about our process? Feel free to ask. Contact Shenandoah Shutters today to learn more or get started.