Have Your Dream Kitchen With These 9 Ideas

If you’ve recently bought a new house, or if you’ve just been watching a lot of HGTV and are looking to shake things up a bit, one of the first rooms on your list for potential upgrades is probably the kitchen. As the location of family meal planning and holiday cooking, the kitchen is a decidedly special place in any home. There are a seemingly endless number of ways to style your kitchen, but here’s a look at 9 of the most popular kitchen concepts and 2019 trends to help you plan your dream kitchen renovation:

Bring the Technology to the Kitchen

Smart technology has made its way from our phones to our homes. From smart thermostats to smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, you can easily maintain your home without lifting a finger. In the kitchen, tools like automatic trash cans, smart refrigerators, and iRobot varieties can make the space feel instantly updated and modern. Some smart technology choices can even make your home more appealing to potential buyers should that time come around. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, go ahead and have some fun exploring the various smart home options for your kitchen. 

Try Quartz on the Countertop

Quartz is the new favorite when it comes to countertop material. The darling of 2019 countertops, quartz is actually an ideal material for kitchen counters. While granite, a previously popular material, has really always been too porous to be an appropriate countertop material, quartz is completely non-porous. Non-porous materials are less likely to harbor bacteria or hold unsightly stains. Quartz is also a stronger and more versatile material. Plus, it’s an equally lovely material to see in a kitchen. 

Choose Darker Colors

For the longest time, all-white kitchens were considered to be the dream. Those kitchens are still beautiful, but the trend in 2019 has been to add more drama and depth to the kitchen. Warm and dark colors, like deep reds, navy blues, browns, and even all-black have been popular choices so far this year. Walls aren’t the only parts of the kitchen being painted, either. Painted cabinets are trendy this year, as well, most notably in shades of blue. 


It’s hard to cook in a cluttered kitchen. Too much clutter can also make a space appear smaller. Consider investing in simple organizational tools, like storage bins, or building a walk-in pantry to handle some of the clutter. If you aren’t able to have a big renovation, decluttering your kitchen is an easy way to make the space feel updated without spending a lot of time or money on the task.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Adding a plant to your kitchen is an inexpensive way to make the whole room feel cozy and put together. Certain plants, like mint plants, are even thought to keep away insects. You might also enjoy growing and displaying kitchen herbs, like basil or rosemary plants.

Adjust the Lighting

Airy, softly lit kitchens are extremely popular in 2019. Instead of relying on a great deal of overhead lighting, make all-wood plantation shutters apart of your kitchen. Stained wooden plantation shutters, for instance, look magnificent alongside the dark kitchen trend. White or cream colored interior shutters, too, easily blend well with any paint color, adding to the lightness of cool colors or providing a contrast to darker colors. 

Take a look at your options at Shenandoah Shutters. We can craft shutters for any kitchen window. You can also add a splash of color or trendy drama to your plantation shutters by hanging drapery panels alongside your shutters. Café shutters are popular in kitchens and allow potential for a colorful valance. Even more than smart technology, plantation shutters increase your home’s resale value and provide aesthetics that will completely enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Add a Tall and Colorful Backsplash

Backsplashes give your kitchen a pop of color and specialized design. This year, backsplashes in unique or exotic patterns and materials have been hugely popular. These days, as well, backsplashes reach the ceiling as opposed to remaining just a small part of the kitchen wall. This means a greater investment in your backsplash material, but if you love the look, the payoff may well be worth it. A colorful, hexagon tile backsplash is particularly favored and appealing, especially alongside the painted cabinet trend.

Include a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands never seem to go out of style. You might think that if you’ve seen one kitchen island, you’ve seen them all, but there are actually a variety of types of islands. Adding an island to your kitchen can provide a seating area inside of your kitchen, an extra prep area, or just serve as an inviting addition to your kitchen space. 

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink

It’s amazing what a fresh faucet or new sink can do for the look of a kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are still popular, but seamless sinks are also a favorite because they’re so easy to clean. If you have an island and you regularly entertain, you may even want to add a second sink to your kitchen by having one in your island, as well. Want a quick tip on how to keep your sink looking spotless? Use a gentle sponge to scrub with baking soda instead of harsh chemicals that might damage your sink. You can combine baking soda with a little bit of Dawn or vinegar for an even deeper clean. 

Start with the Shutters

When it comes to home improvements, small changes can make big statements. Once  you’ve decided on the color or theme of your kitchen, make plans to pair your window treatment with your décor before moving on to the smaller items in your space. You can use your color scheme and plantation shutter design to guide the rest of your kitchen plans. 
Our online plantation shutter photo gallery can help jumpstart your ideas. Whether you’ve chosen to follow this year’s trends or go your own way, Shenandoah Shutters is ready to contribute to your dream kitchen design.

Contact us today to schedule a free, in-home design estimate and consultation to plan your interior plantation shutters. Live near Richmond? Spend some time visiting and touring our woodshop and showroom on Cofer Road to see personally how we’ll craft your custom hardwood shutters.