Specialty Windows with Plantation Shutters

Odd Shaped Plantation Shutters

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Specialty hardwood plantation shutters by Shenandoah Shutters custom-made.

About our collection:

Architects are designing today’s new homes with interesting and unique windows as the focal point of many rooms.  More often than not, these windows need some type of covering to provide privacy and protect the room’s furnishings from harmful direct sunlight, while still allowing the beauty of natural sunlight to shine through.  With today’s ever-changing window styles it is important to know that we have an expert design team on staff, able to create a shutter that will enhance the beauty and uniqueness of any home.

At Shenandoah Shutters, we pride ourselves on meeting a homeowner’s need for specialty installations… from octagonal, half-circle and slant-top windows to French doors, sliders and transoms. Shenandoah Shutters manufactures custom hard-wood plantation shutters.  Flat or contour louvers are available in various widths (2 ½”, 3½” and 4 ½”).  Shenandoah Shutters offers many hanging options, including exposed hinging and our patented Softedge Shutters with concealed hinging.  Each shutters comes with a warranty of 100 years on its structural integrity and a 25 year warranty on the lacquer finish.

Materials used:

Shenandoah Shutters uses poplar for painted shutters and basswood for stained shutters.  An endless variety of specialty woods are also available.


 Shenandoah Shutters has many standard shades of white to choose from and can also match any custom color or stain.

 Additional product info:

 Shenandoah Shutters is committed to offering the same quality plantation shutters that have been created for centuries.  Shenandoah’s superior product quality is the result of the decades of experience our skilled woodworkers bring to each shutters.  Every piece is individually cut and hand-sanded before a smooth lacquer finish is applied, creating a surface comparable to fine furniture.  Plantation shutters unite the past with the present. With the high standards set long ago, the plantation shutter has been able to transcend its original setting and lend beauty and ambiance to a wide variety of home decors.  Repeat customers and their referrals comprise two-thirds of Shenandoah’s business, a direct result of the company’s uncompromising attention to detail and ability to consistently exceed customers’ expectations.