Finding the Perfect Window Treatments to Match…Your Floor?

Flooring and window treatments are unique in that they are both essential to homelife and noticeable pieces of a home’s décor. Going from blinds to plantation shutters or from carpet to hardwood floors completely changes the look and feel of your house. Placing decorative throw rugs or carpets on top of hard flooring also changes up your home’s design.The same is true when you switch out old draperies for a new color or try out a new curtain design. Your floors and windows are as much decoration pieces as they are functional. Considering this, many homeowners wonder how to best match their window treatments with their flooring. Carpet and throw rug rugs, in particular, are often patterned or solid blocks of color that can make coordination challenging. 

Are you looking for ways to match up your flooring with your window treatment? Take a look at these 6 helpful ideas for an easy, perfect pairing: 

Look at the Color Wheel

The color wheel is a useful tool for home decorators. You can use the color wheel to help you select complementary colors (colors on opposite sides of the color wheel), find  accents (colors that are next to each other), determine warm and cool colors, and even just play around with different color palettes. 

Color is one of the clearest ways to pair your flooring with your window treatment. For instance, warm curtains will naturally match an amber colored carpet, while light hardwood pairs well with equally light, cooler colors like blue or green. 

You likely don’t want to exactly match your window treatment with your flooring. Choosing colors that are the exact same shade, like brown curtains with a brown carpet, can manage to feel unbalanced and overwhelming. Look for colors and shades in the same family, or well positioned to each other within the color wheel, without necessarily having a uniform look from the windows to the floor. 

Consider Your Design Scheme

Are you imagining a bold, daring look for your space? Do you want your window treatment or flooring choice to be the main focus of your design? Or, would you prefer a softer, quieter look? These are important questions to ask yourself before deciding on your window treatment and flooring. Dramatic looks might call for more contrast or warmer colors (think red, yellows, and oranges), as well as less artwork or other decorations on the wall to steal attention from the eye. You should also try to choose a color that is different from the color of your baseboards or mouldings, so that your window treatment and flooring really pops. Softer looks will benefit from cooler colors, lighter patterns, and blending with mouldings, as well as more neutral flooring and windows. You might also want to add a large statement piece or several statement pieces to keep the focus. 

Don’t Forget the Neutrals

Earth tones, including white, gray, beige, black, and even navy or olive green, are the easiest colors to match with your decor. Choosing window treatments in these colors will go well with almost any carpet design, and vice versa. You can also select colors with neutral shades, like dusty rose, for a unique, but still easily matched look. 

Install a Hardwood Window Treatment

Neutral flooring also looks especially pleasing in tandem with wooden window treatments. The natural, earthy colors are ideally suited to wood. For non-neutral flooring, hardwood window treatments can provide an appealing contrast. By that same token, wooden treatments also match well with wooden flooring. 

If you’re looking to install a hardwood window treatment that will pair well with your carpet or other flooring type, plantation shutters are the perfect choice. Stylish and versatile, plantation shutters come in colors, stains, and creams that effortlessly blend well with virtually any flooring design. While other window treatments are often more easily worn down or difficult to maintain, plantation shutters are long lasting and easy to clean. Plus, adding plantation shutters to your windows will increase your home’s resale value. 

You also don’t have to worry about abandoning  beloved curtains or draperies in order to have beautiful, hardwood plantation shutters — you can have both! 

Look at Your Patterns

If your carpet has designs or patterns, consider pairing the colors in your designs with your window treatment. You might also want to mix and match patterns that blend well with your flooring. Your choice will ultimately depend on the kind of mood that you want for your space. 

Go for Contrast

Coordination is key, but maybe you don’t actually want to match your window treatment and flooring at all. After all, choosing unique colors and creating eye-catching contrast is one of the most fun parts of design. Your home should reflect you. If you’d rather try your hand at pairing opposing colors or unusual patterns, go for it! Who knows? You might just come up with the newest design trend. 

Plantation Shutters: The Perfect Match for Any Floor

Shenandoah Shutters is proud to craft custom made, all wood plantation shutters for every theme and design scheme. Our hardwood plantation shutters are crafted by skilled woodworking employees in scenic Richmond, Virginia. In fact, we’ve been serving Virginia, Maryland, and D.C for decades. 

Plantations shutters are more than just a lovely window treatment. Homeowners value plantation shutters for their spectacular light control, energy-efficiency, and privacy. When you think of plantation shutters, you probably think of the traditional shutters spotted throughout the DMV area, but there are modern choices, too. At Shenandoah Shutters, we even designed our own, patented Softedge design that harmoniously hides the hinges of your shutter. This is a popular choice for all window types, but especially for casements and tilt-ins. 

We can manufacture stunning hardwood shutters for any window size or shape. You can even install plantation shutters on your sliding glass doors, French doors, sunbursts, and arches. 

Ready to upgrade your window treatment? Call or email Shenandoah Shutters today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and estimate.