Exterior Shutters vs. Interior Shutters: Which Is Right For You?

If you are contemplating a home renovation, plantation shutters are likely on your mind! Not only do plantation shutters add a beautiful homey touch to any space, but they are extremely functional and versatile for any decor taste. In this article, we will be exploring the differences between exterior and interior shutters so that you can make the best decision for your home. 

Exterior Shutters For a Colorful Accent 

Exterior shutters are placed on the outside of the home, while interior shutters are placed on the inside windows. Exterior shutters do not provide the same functionality as interior shutters. Exterior shutters are installed primarily for aesthetic purposes, as they can provide a unique texture or pop of color to the outside of your living space. 

Protecting Your Home With Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters can also provide an extra layer of protection for your window frames. They add another layer of defense in the case of storms or harsh winds. If you have older windows and want the edges to be protected, installing exterior shutters can act as a solution. 

Interior Shutters For Light Control 

If you are interested in having light control in your home, plantation shutters are a great investment. This is especially true if you have older furniture or items that are sun-sensitive! Plantation shutters allow you to control the exact amount of light that enters the room, perfect for homeowners with children who need to take naps or want to enjoy a mid-day movie. 

Privacy and Interior Shutters 

Interior shutters also provide a great layer of privacy. If you have young children or live on a small plot of land with other homes close by, interior plantation shutters can give you complete privacy that can’t be achieved with curtains alone. Not only that, but plantation shutters can be painted and re-painted to match your changing home decor and style, making them a great long-term investment. 

Temperature Control and Plantation Shutters 

If you live in a cold climate and spend your days cranking up the heat, plantation shutters are a fantastic way to help insulate your home. Listening to your home is extremely expensive, especially if you live in a place that is cold long-term. Having plantation shutters on your windows provides an extra layer of protection between you and the outside temperatures. This is a great solution for older homes or bedrooms that you want to keep extra toasty! 

We hope this article helps you decide if exterior or interior plantation shutters are the right move for your home. If you want to enjoy the benefits of interior plantation shutters, Shenandoah Shutters has you covered. Contact us today for an in-home consultation with one of our sales reps today, or visit our showroom to see everything we offer. We are so excited to work with you!