Everything You Need To Know About Our Patented Softedge Shutters

If you are looking to install shutters into your home but want a more modern feel, check out our patented Softedge shutters from Shenandoah! This design offers the perfect solution for those who want to add a classic yet chic look to any room in their home, while perfectly complementing the window treatments they already have. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about our Softedge shutters. 

A Tilted Look

Our Softedge shutters feature a “tilt in” style and casements. This design offers a beautiful solution to installing shutters on a variety of versatile windows. The unique sculpted edge blends the shutters into your window molding allowing your windows to look as though they were designed specifically for the treatments around them.

Concealed Hinges

If you are looking to incorporate a seamless look into your window treatments, you know that concealing your window hinges is an essential part of tying the look together. The Softedge shutter offers an innovative solution that hides metal hinges when the shutters are closed, so they do not distract from the layout and design of your home. 

A Beautiful Blend 

Our Softedge shutters do not require a hanging strip for installation and do not have a boxy frame, either. This design created a beautiful blend so that the panel can melt into your existing molding. The Softedge shutters have double rollover edges to help your home achieve this look.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

If you are looking to bring some classic traditional charm into your home, plantation shutters are the ideal solution. Our unique, all-wood shutters serve style and function. They offer a beautiful design whether they are open or closed, the choice is yours! Perfect for light control and an extra layer of privacy, plantation shutters can be installed in any room in your house. 

Blocking the direct heat and sunlight from your furniture indoors such as couches, bedding, tables, and hardwood is the key to ensuring that your decor reaches its full longevity. If you want to enjoy the beauty of natural light in your home while controlling overexposure, you’ll find plantation shutters to be the ideal solution. 

Say Goodbye To Hanging Strips 

Softedge shutters have hinges that are hidden behind the panels for a seamless and clean decorative look. This presentation helps to eliminate the need for hanging strips to accommodate visible hinges. If you are worried about attachments, metals, or extra pieces ruining the look of your living space, this is the perfect solution. 

Confidence in Shenandoah 

Our shutters are hand-crafted in Richmond, Virginia, and we have been proudly in business since 1990. We pride ourselves on our dedication to crafting high-quality, luxury pieces your family will enjoy in their home for years to come. We are Veteran owned and operated, and proudly employ the best of the best when it comes to Salespeople that will help you craft your dream living space. 

Want an In-Person Look?

If you want to browse the different styles, colors, and shades of shutters we create, check out our online showroom to get a glimpse of our offerings. We also have an in-person showroom you can explore five days a week at our location in Virginia. Of course, if you prefer to stay home, we are happy to bring styles of interest to you so that you can see our product from the comfort of your own house, accompanied by one of our sales professionals. 

Service Promises 

When you work with Shenandoah, you can have confidence in knowing that your project is in the right hands. Our professional team will help support you in finding the best window solutions for your home that will be the most practical and exciting choice for your family. Personal attention is given to each and every customer, and we promise to treat all of our clients like family. We know our service practices have been proven, as over two-thirds of our sales come from repeat customers!

We are excited to work with your family and continue our collaboration for years to come. Let’s get started!