Enhance Your Plantation Shutters With Home Decor

Plantation shutters offer a classic yet modern touch to any interior home design. They are extremely functional, easy to keep clean, and can even be repainted over the years to match your changing decor taste. If you are renovating your home and installing plantation shutters, this blog will serve as the ultimate guide for inspiration! Keep reading to find out how to enhance your new plantation shutters with home decor. 

Farmhouse Style Design

Achieving a classic farmhouse style for your home might seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Focus on keeping your decor simple and adding warm, homey touches to accent your plantation shutters. This style pairs beautifully with wooded plantation shutters that are finished with a light stain to give off a barn-door effect. 

When searching for farmhouse-style home decor items, try looking beyond your local home accessories store. Stop by a farmers market and pick up some crates, baskets, woven bags, or ceramic art pieces. These will allow your new style to feel more authentic — without breaking the bank! Repurposing your home items is also a great way to be kind to your environment. Painting or sanding down wooden crates or other storage items you’d find at a local farm will help you achieve the farmhouse charm you are searching for! 

French Boutique Aesthetic 

Plantation shutters are the perfect way to embrace a French boutique aesthetic for your home. They naturally provide an artistic feel that allows you to envision yourself sipping coffee on a patio somewhere on the streets of Europe — but if you want to really embrace this aesthetic, adding a few pieces of home decor can help! 

The French enjoy deviating from typical decor choices, and this means embracing a subtle pop of color! So, don’t be afraid to paint your plantation shutters a unique color of your choice to brighten up your space and allow you to take a modern approach to classic French design. Adding a splash of pastel blue or pale yellow can allow you to fully feel like you live in a French movie. 

Beach House Vibes

Since plantation shutters are so versatile in allowing sunlight and airflow into your home, why not take a chance on beach house vibes when deciding on decorations? For this look, it’s best to go with white shutters or a brown cabana shade. Next, you can accessorize with any beachy-themed decor you’d like!

When searching for accent pieces, grab anything that reminds you of a day by the sea. Dried starfish, sailboat paintings, or pots of seagrass are all great ideas! You can even update your kitchenware by investing in sea glass-blue bowls and plates or trying a DIY craft such as these braided rope mirrors!

Clean and Modern Living Space

If you want to create a clean and modern living space, try to stick to neutrals and remember that less is more! Painting your shutters a solid white color will help you start with a blank slate so that you can carefully accessorize other places in your home without making your interiors feel crowded. 

Add a modern clock, beige throw rugs, or simple shelves for wall art that serve as both fashion and function. With this look, you won’t have to worry about getting sick of your style a few years down the line. 

We hope this article helps you discover new ways to enhance your plantation shutters with home decor. If you are ready to embark on your next home renovation project, get started with us at Shenandoah Shutters!