DIY Fall Craft Ideas For Your Home

If you’re looking for unique ways to decorate your home for fall, going do-it-yourself is a fun and surprisingly easy way to usher in the new season. From centerpieces to art that pairs well with your plantation shutters, there are many crafty ways to stylishly prepare your house for the autumn months. 

Design Your Own Fall Wreath

Wreaths greet your guests the moment they enter your home, and they’re also a fun craft to do with the entire family. The great thing about making your own wreath is that you have the freedom to make any kind of wreath that you’d like. When it comes to the fall season, there are so many different designs for a seasonal wreath. 

Take the time to browse through your local arts and crafts store for ideas before picking up a base for your wreath. Depending on your design, you might choose a foam base to wrap with ribbon or a grapevine wreath base for hot gluing faux leaves, ribbons, and other small elements. If you’re a fan of Halloween, you can even include a humorous witch’s hat or broomstick. Alternatively, you could include elements of both fall and Halloween, or just focus on the autumn season. Art stores typically sell miniature pumpkins and gourds that can be glued onto a wreath base, letting your wreath match the harvest season all through November. You might also enjoy selecting wooden initials that spell out phrases or represent family initials. 

Create Decorations with Wood

Rustic decor is a favorite of many people year round, but it’s especially appreciated in the fall season. Painting unfinished wooden art pieces, like wooden pumpkins or signs is an easy way to be creative while incorporating this theme into your home. Wooden design pieces, specifically, pair well with your wooden plantation shutters, as do rustic accents. Nail art, where nails are hammered into the shape of a specific design and then that design is outlined with thread, is another DIY choice that offers a rustic flair. You can also select paint in traditional autumn colors and paint a wooden plank sign or round log piece. 

Craft with Burlap 

Using burlap in your fall crafts is a small rustic touch that is easily associated with autumn. You can wrap burlap around wooden projects and mason jar crafts (another fall favorite), or even use it on your wreath. In fact, you can even use orange burlap in place of ribbon on a wreath base to create a particularly unique wreath. 

For another simple art piece, frame a large square of burlap pasted to autumn themed cardstock. On top of the burlap, place a faux or silk leaf, patchwork pumpkin design, family initial, or other element to have your own framed art. 

Involve the Kids in Your Fall Craft Project

If you have children or grandchildren in the house, involving them in fall crafting is a fun way to bond and teach new skills, like how to sew a fabric pumpkin. Younger children can make individual paintings for you to display around the house, such as themed handprint projects. 

A great family craft is to buy a cardstock pennant banner and decorate it as a family with fall paint colors, ink stamps, stickers, and leaves. Instead of cardstock, you could also piece together a pennant banner out of fall or Halloween themed fabrics from your local crafts store. Hang the pennant banner from your mantle or across the wall.

Make and Display Fall Bowls

 A popular and elegant craft idea for autumn is to make a bowl out of faux leaves or a similar fall craft supply. For this craft, you blow up any type of balloon, tie it accordingly, and then use a decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge, to affix leaves to the top of the balloon. Layer the leaves to create a bowl shape and then pop the balloon once the leaves have dried. Throw away the balloon pieces and you’ll instantly have a delicate leaf bowl that is perfect for holding fall knick knacks or candy. 

Let the Light In This Fall Season with All Wood Plantation Shutters

The arrival of fall means getting the house ready for more family gatherings and more time enjoying the crisp days of cooler temperatures. Plantation shutters look great in any season, but you’ll love the way they filter in the gentle light of beautiful fall sunsets. Plantation shutters help you set the ambiance of your home, allowing you to control the level of sunlight while providing unmatched beauty and privacy. 

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