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Softedge Plantation ShuttersShenandoah Shutters’ aesthetics are so unique, they’re patented. This phrase we’re sure you’ve heard before but here’s a quick lesson as to how and why our shutters are so special. Softedge™ Shutters have a sculptured edge profile which gently blends into your existing window moulding, creating a harmonious appearance and reducing bulky edges.

Our shutters offer a lovely solution on today’s modern windows, including tilt-in and casements. The outside mount installation allows for maximum louver length permitting your choice of sunlight to enter the room. Finally, our Softedge™ shutters have hinges that are discreetly hidden behind the panels, allowing an effortless presentation and reducing or eliminating the need for hanging strips to accommodate visible hinges. The end result is a look that is simple but elegant.

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