Creating the Perfect Breakfast Nook In Your Home

Intimate breakfast nooks have been a growing trend for years. Traditionally, a nook is a dining area found in the corner space of your kitchen. You can use your breakfast nook for morning coffee and conversation, but this spot can also be the perfect place for after school homework sessions and family game nights. The extra seating provided by a breakfast nook means many opportunities for activities and dining alike. Plus, breakfast nooks make a kitchen feel more cheery and warm. 

Have you been planning to add a breakfast nook to your home? Are you wondering about your style options and ideas? Here are some of our favorite tips for breakfast nook design: 

Choose a Theme for Your Breakfast Nook

You don’t have to have a specific theme in mind for your breakfast nook, but it can be helpful to consider your options. The style that you’d like will influence your choices in table, chairs, fabrics, colors, and more. For example, if you’d like a vintage or retro breakfast nook, you might incorporate furnishings and decor that resemble a certain decade (like the 1950s). For a farmhouse theme, you might focus on gingham fabrics, rustic decor, a wooden table, and fresh flowers. 

Consider Your Table and Seating Arrangements

Do you want a table and chairs in your breakfast nook? What about a restaurant-style booth or comfortable benches? Your seating and table arrangements form the foundation of your breakfast nook. You might also prefer a kitchen island or bar set-up for your nook. 

Make Your Breakfast Nook Cozy

Keep your breakfast nook feeling comfortable by including throw pillows and blankets, as well as uniquely patterned fabrics and rugs. The type of textiles that you choose could be related to a certain theme, or they could simply be mismatched fabrics for a different feel. 

Use Your Breakfast Nook for Added Storage

Lately, there’s been a strong focus on minimalism and decluttering. Adding benches with storage or installing shelving and cabinets around your nook can make a difference for your home. Not a minimalist? Consider open shelving to more easily display cherished trinkets and kitchen utensils, while still including additional storage. Open shelving is especially popular for a farmhouse theme. 

Embrace Your Kitchen’s Natural Light

If possible, building your breakfast nook next to a window can do wonders for your home’s ambiance. Natural light is uplifting, especially in the mornings. To avoid too much or too little light, adding plantation shutters to your kitchen is the best step. Plantation shutters filter sunlight in and out of your house. Using the tilt rod on the shutters, you control the louvers — horizontal slats — of your plantation shutters. This means that you are completely in control of how much sunlight enters your space without sacrificing privacy or scenic views from your windows. 

Completely natural, all wooden plantation shutters are the top choice for homeowners. The natural wood of plantation shutters will give your kitchen character, elegance, and an even richer warmth. 

Incorporate a Sophisticated Light Fixture

Natural lighting works best when it is combined with equally welcoming ambient lighting. You’ll also draw more attention to your breakfast nook with specific lighting choices. Incorporating a stylish lighting fixture into your space will accomplish both of these tasks. Pendant lights, chandeliers, sculptural designs, and geometric fixtures are all familiar favorites for breakfast nooks

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