Caring For White Plantation Shutters vs. Stained Plantation Shutters

There are a number of reasons to have plantation shutters installed in your home. They can add privacy to your home, help to protect it from excess heat or drafts, and their easy operation makes them an incredibly convenient window treatment option. They are also a stately and beautiful window treatment option that’s stood the test of time for centuries. Today, plantation shutters can come in a variety of styles — from cafe shutters to traditional and even the patented Softedge shutter. They can also come painted white or stained to retain some of their natural appearance.

But there are different ways for caring for different kinds of plantation shutters, especially when it comes down to painted white shutters or stained plantation shutters. The way to clean them might be different based on the surface alone. In today’s blog, let’s discuss caring for white plantation shutters vs. caring for stained plantation shutters.

The Right Kind of Wood

Caring for white or stained plantation shutters starts with using the right kind of wood to amplify both of those treatments. For instance, when we make white painted shutters, we use yellow poplar wood because it’s less porous than other types of wood. This means less of the paint will be absorbed into the wood, so it will have a fresher color that lasts longer. However, when we make stained shutters, we use the popular choice of basswood, since stained shutters require less concern about the porous nature of the wood. We also use a variety of custom woods like cherry and mahogany. 

Make sure to do your research about the type of wood being used for the type of shutter treatment. Many companies will use basswood for all their shutters, but this is not the best choice for white painted plantation shutters.

Restaining and Repainting

Plantation shutters from Shenandoah Shutters come to you with a fresh appearance that lasts for some time, but eventually, any shutters may need to be painted or stained again. Time and frequent use can begin to wear them down. Fortunately, it’s easy to find new paint and wood stain in order to refresh the look of your plantation shutters. This will not only refresh their appearance but help to protect the natural wood from the elements. 

Paint can be found easily at a local hardware store. Make sure that it’s paint compatible with wood materials, since all of our shutters are made with wood. Paint spray is the easiest option for plantation shutters. Take the shutters off your window and bring them outside, spraying thoroughly. You may need a paintbrush to hand-paint any hard to reach areas or corners. Wait until the shutters are thoroughly dried before replacing them on your windows.

The process of staining the shutters again is a bit more hands-on. You will still want to remove your shutters from the windows and take them outside. From there, take a lint-free cloth and thoroughly mixed stain that you purchased from the hardware store. Rub the stain into the shutters until they are covered. Wait for the shutters to dry.  

Likely paint will last longer than staining, so if you choose stained shutters, keep in mind you may need to refinish them more frequently than you would painted shutters.

Cleaning White Plantation Shutters vs. Stained Plantation Shutters

The good news is that cleaning your plantation shutters is easy regardless of which option you choose. These wood shutters are made with care and made to last, and since they’re installed on the interior of the window, you don’t have to worry about exposure to the elements. Every now and then, you can simply wipe down your shutters with a soft, damp cloth like wool or cotton, to keep dust from building up. 

However, any spills will be more obvious on white painted shutters than stained shutters, because of the contrast in color. Thus white plantation shutters may have to be cleaned more frequently. You should watch stained shutters, though, to make sure that they don’t become neglected and build up dust, which could be a problem for the air in your home as well as the aesthetics of the shutters.

At Shenandoah Shutters, we offer both white plantation shutters and stained plantation shutters, each handmade with expert care in our shop in Richmond, Virginia. Come by and see our showroom for yourself to determine which shutters work best for your home and ask an expert how best to care for your shutters. Contact us today for more information.