8 Ways to Decorate Your Windows For the Holidays

As the wind gets chillier and the year winds down, it’s the time of year to bring out your Christmas decorations and fill your home with lights, greenery, and warmth. Your windows are an important part of your home and can add so much beauty during the holidays. Whether you add lights, garland, wreaths, or candles: here are eight ideas to get your windows festive this holiday season. 


If you have a traditional home with front-facing windows, small candles in the bottom center of the window adds a touch of nostalgia and comfort to your home. I think we can all remember driving in a neighborhood in the cold, snowy evenings and seeing houses lit up. The warmth that exudes is a sight-sensory experience that calms, makes you smile, and welcomes you home. You can get candles that are battery powered, plug-in, and even turn off as the sun rises. They’re a fairly easy way to add a touch of holiday warmth to your curb appeal.


A wreath is a traditional holiday decoration that brings the green of the Christmas tree to the outside of your home. Having matching wreaths in each window adds symmetry and balance to your holiday window decorations. Attach on the back with removable adhesive hooks to avoid window damage, and hand by themselves or hang with a large ribbon and bow. Store these wreaths carefully and hang them up year after year. Match a larger one for your front door to tie it all together.


Ah, Christmas lights: the ultimate decoration to add that holiday twinkle to your home. Windows make the perfect object to trace with your favorite lights: white, colored, flashing, fading. They’re all beautiful and will make your house exude Christmas charm. 

When it comes to Christmas lights, there are a lot of options and a lot of styles. First, think about what kind of holiday vibe you want your house to give off. Simple, elegant and classic? Go with warm white lights. Fun, modern and youthful? Try out some color lights. Another thing to consider is the architectural style of your home and your windows. If you have some unique windows in your home, like an arched window or stained glass window, try highlighting just that window with lights to really show it off. We suggest using LED lights for safety and removable adhesive strips to preserve your windows. 


While there are numerous ways to decorate your windows outside, let’s not neglect the interior. A garland is beautiful above a window draped along the frame and curtain rod. There are lots of ways to decorate and customize garland, which is what makes it a fantastic decoration for your window and door frames. Add lights and pinecones for a simple, rustic look, or go all out with ornaments, picks, and colorful lights! You can even make your own garland out of dried oranges, cranberries, popcorn, yarn, ribbon…the possibilities are really endless. Secure over your window frames with nails or removable adhesive strips that won’t damage your paint or stain. 

Change Out Your Curtains

This may seem a bit extra, but when it comes to decorating for Christmas, can you really have too much? If your normal decorating style is more colorful, floral, or less than neutral, changing out your curtains for the holidays could be the finishing touch to your holiday home. Add a deep red or green for elegance, or find a fun Christmas print. A red buffalo check adds a sophisticated Farmhouse flare, especially when paired with a green wreath. 

We love how this looks with white plantation shutters, too. It’s not uncommon to change out sheets, towels, and rugs for holidays — why not change out your curtains as well? Store them in airtight containers or vacuum sealed bags throughout the rest of the year to keep them like new for years to come. 

Fake Snow

This is a fun project to do with the whole family! Fake snow comes in aerosol spray and you can find it in white and crystal and is a fun way to make it look like the weather is frightful – even if it’s not! You don’t have to be an artist to make fake snow look realistic. To create a classic snow look, spray drifts of snow starting in the corners of each window pane and moving outward tapering as you go. Or, if you want a truly winter wonderland effect, you can use stencils – even doilies – to create snowflakes all over your windows. 

Winter Wonderland Window Gallery

If you have children that are maybe too young to operate an aerosol can, washable window markers can be a fun way to let them celebrate their young artistry on your windows. Encourage them to draw snowmen, Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes – or even some favorite winter characters. When they’ve created their masterpieces, go back and add spray snow in the corners to finish it up. 

Tell a Story

No matter what way you decide to decorate your windows, consider telling a story. Windows are the perfect frame for your picturesque holiday decorations. Add hanging stars and a nativity scene to your windows. Place a table in front your windows and set up your Christmas village. Hang picture ornaments from your curtain rods with lights behind them. With a little imagination, some fishing line, and twinkle lights – your windows can tell a story and invite the outside in. 

While Christmas decorations come out once a year, the treatments that you decide for your windows can be simple and traditional and match decor all year long. Contact Shenandoah Shutters today if you’re interested in learning how plantation shutters can transform your home this holiday season.