7 Tips For Decorating and Enjoying Your Home This Fall

Fall certainly looks different this year, but the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all that autumn has to offer. In fact, this is the perfect time to make your home as inviting and cozy as possible. Take a look at these tips for fun fall decorating and holiday celebrating this year:

Decorate Your Yard with Fall Favorites

Since most hayrides and special events are out of the picture this year, bring the fall fun to your own yard. Outfit your front porch or yard with pumpkins, gourds, and scarecrows. Hoping to sell your home in the next few months? A beautiful set of mums or a stylish seasonal wreath will do more than just bring you joy — it will also boost your curb appeal, which will attract more potential buyers. 

Build a Fall Photo Backdrop

The loss of the family photo opportunities that go along with fall traditions can feel disappointing. Snap a fresh Instagram picture by building an autumn photo op right in your yard! You can use straw bales, corn stalks, DIY signs with your last name painted on them, and other ideas to create the perfect setting for a beautiful photograph. You could even make your own mini pumpkin patch by scattering pumpkins around the set-up! Maximize the experience by having everyone dress up in their Halloween costumes. 

Make Your Home Into a Haunted House

The CDC has issued strict guidelines for Halloween this year, but you can still experience the spooky holiday at home. Encourage the kids to help you add ghoulish decorations to the yard and porch, as well as indoors. Giant inflatable characters or a fake graveyard on the front lawn can make this year feel a little more normal. The best thing about Halloween is that you can get as creative as you’d like with the decor. Wondering what the hottest trend is this year? Halloween trees! Artificial trees in colors like orange and black are all the rage in stores and on social media right now. Pick up some Halloween ornaments, pumpkin lights, or knick-knacks and have a blast decorating a Halloween tree with your family. 

Another favorite Halloween concept this year is the candy chute. This unique idea involves decorating a long cardboard tube or PVC pipe and safely attaching it to something in your front yard, like the handrail of your front steps. You can then use tongs or consistently sanitized hands to drop pieces of candy through the makeshift chute and into the bags of excited (and socially distant!) trick-or-treaters. 

Have Fun with Your Windows

Windows easily lend themselves to decorating ideas. Kids will love adding pumpkin decals, creepy fake boards, and scary posters to the windows. Just make sure that none of the decorations will hurt the glass or your plantation shutters. Window projectors, themed garlands, and terrifying spider webs are other exciting ideas for fall decor. 

Enjoy the Details

There are so many little ways to add fall and Halloween decor to your home. Themed throw pillows and blankets will liven up your sofa, while a cheerful autumn display on the mantle is a gorgeous way to celebrate the season. Creative letter boards with fun fall expressions are popular home decor pieces and can be part of your display table or hung up on their own. Letter boards and display tables look especially beautiful in the entryway. 

Spice Up Your House 

A longtime fall favorite, simmer pots are an all-natural way to make your home smell like fall. While there are many ways to make a simmer pot, one of the most common ways is to fill a pot a little less than halfway with water, and then let it heat on your stove. As it’s heating, you can add enjoyable autumn scents and spices, including cinnamon, fall fruit slices, and drops of vanilla. The delicious fall smells will soon begin wafting through your house. Just be sure to watch that pot — you don’t want the water to evaporate!

Looking for a smell that lasts a little longer? Most stores sell cinnamon or pumpkin scented brooms this time of year! Not only do they smell great, but they fit right in with your other decorations. 

Invest in a Fire Pit

If you’re going to host a small gathering this fall, then having that gathering outdoors is a recommended way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A fire pit will let small groups of family and friends enjoy the fall season as they warm by the fire, make s’mores, and enjoy conversation. Of course, safety precautions such as masks are still recommended by the CDC. 

Upgrade Your Window Treatment This Fall with Plantation Shutters

Fall is one of the best times of year for upgrading your existing window treatments. Just bought a home or planning on selling one? Plantation shutters are beautiful options for your windows that will actually increase the resale value of your home. With plantation shutters, you are able to control the amount of sunlight that comes into your home. The result is just the right ambiance no matter the season. Plantation shutters are also safer for families with young children than blinds or curtains, as there are no dangerous cords or tempting materials to pull down. 

At Shenandoah Shutters, we build custom plantation shutters by hand in Richmond, Virginia. Our plantation shutters are crafted using only the finest American woods. Nothing is made with faux wood, vinyl, or other imitations. We finish each piece with a high-quality, silken lacquer finish. 

We’ve been in business for 30 years and pride ourselves on providing elegant plantation shutters to Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C residents. Customers choose from rich stains, vibrant whites, or custom colors for their plantation shutters. They can also explore certain details and innovations, like louver size or our original, patented Softedge design.

Shenandoah Shutters remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to install plantation shutters while taking precautions. Contact us today to ask questions or schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants.