7 Reasons to Choose Real Wood Plantation Shutters

As you research your options for plantation shutters, you’ll come across both wood and faux wood plantation shutter options. Faux wood plantation shutters are designed using materials like composite or vinyl. They can be picked up at chain retailers, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as at shutter companies and online. But why choose faux wood over authentic hardwood plantation shutters? 

Often, the reason is cost. Since the shutters aren’t made using real wood, faux wood plantation shutters are typically less expensive. Of course, paying less doesn’t always mean that you’ll be receiving an equally high quality product. In fact, while you may spend a little more for real wood plantation shutters, the quality and benefits that you’ll get in return make authentic, hardwood plantation shutters well worth the cost. 

Just take a look at these 7  reasons to skip the faux wood options and choose real wood plantation shutters for your home:

The Look of Faux Wood Can’t Compare to the Look of Real Wood

Real wood has been admired in homes for generations. Aesthetically pleasing, real wood plantation shutters fit right in with wooden furniture, window mouldings, hardwood floors, and any home design plan. You can decorate around plantation shutters however you’d like while the shutters provide natural beauty and ambiance. At Shenandoah Shutters, we craft our plantation shutters with fine homes in mind. We use American woods, such as yellow poplar and basswood, to build your window treatment. You can choose vibrant creams, rich stains, or custom colors for your plantation shutters. All of our plantation shutters have hand finished louvers and a silken, lacquer finish that adds to the elegance and character of real wood plantation shutters. 

Faux wood plantation shutters simply cannot offer the same warmth and beauty as real wood plantation shutters.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Are Easy to Maintain and Clean

By their very nature, plantation shutters are easy to clean. Because wooden plantation shutters are natural, they don’t require expensive maintenance or elaborate cleaning steps. You can quite literally just wipe your plantation shutters with a microfiber cloth and use a small amount of wood safe furniture polish for added shine. In fact, you actually don’t want to use heavy chemicals or soap and water on your plantation shutters, as it could damage the delicate wood. 

The easy maintenance involved with plantation shutters is also a reason that they’re preferable to soft window treatments, like curtains. 

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Are Durable and Add Value to Your Home

Wood is a time-tested material. With real wood, you don’t have to worry about sun damage or rambunctious children and pets damaging your window treatment. Wood is a strong enough material to withstand normal home life. There’s a common misconception that you can install real wood plantation shutters in bathrooms or kitchens, but as long as they aren’t in direct contact with water, true hardwood plantation shutters should enhance any room of your home for years to come. 

Wood is so durable that many companies choose not to offer warranties on plantation shutters, but at Shenandoah Shutters, we give you even more peace of mind by providing a 100-year limited transferable warranty on our plantation shutters.

Plus, installing wooden plantation shutters is one of the few home upgrades you can make that actually increases the resale value of your home. This is all thanks to the use of this favored material and its status as a permanent home fixture. 

You Can Customize Wooden Plantation Shutters for Your Windows and Your Home

One-size-fits-all is far from how we operate at Shenandoah Shutters. Our interior plantation shutters are custom made with each window of your home in mind. From tilt-ins and casements to French doors and arches, we use wood to custom craft a plantation shutter for any window size or shape.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters Are Energy Efficient 

Centuries ago, one of the main purposes of plantation shutters was to help control the temperature in the home. Today, plantation shutters still provide that same ability. They are energy efficient, helping to insulate your home and keep your energy costs down. Since wood is such a strong material, you can know that your plantation shutters are providing you with as much of this energy benefit as possible.  

Hardwood Plantation Shutters Let You Control the Light In Your Home

Light control is one of the biggest draws to plantation shutters. Real wood plantation shutters are expertly crafted to give you the ability to filter sunlight in and out of your home. The combination of warm, natural sunlight and fine wooden shutters makes for a cozy, inviting atmosphere in every room of your home.

Faux Wood Shutters Are Meant to Imitate Real Wood Plantation Shutters

Faux wood is called faux wood for a reason. These plantation shutters are meant to resemble and bring to mind the many benefits of wood. With this in mind, it makes sense to choose real wood plantation shutters over an imitation wood. There may be a slightly higher financial cost, but the payoff is huge. Real wood plantation shutters are truly an investment for your home.

Real Wood Plantation Shutters in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C

Shenandoah Shutters has been crafting beautiful, completely wooden plantation shutters for decades in Richmond, Virginia. We offer traditional plantation shutter options as well as our own, patented design known as Softedge. With the Softedge design, perfect for tilt-ins or casements, hinges are hidden and the end result is the clean, elegant appearance that you expect from any plantation shutter window treatment. 

If you’re ready to reap the rewards of real wood interior plantation shutters, give us a call or contact us online today. You can schedule a free, in-home design consultation and estimate with one of our consultants. Live near Richmond? You can also visit our woodshop and showroom to see our products and process firsthand. Don’t forget to check out our photo gallery to explore our past work, too!