6 Popular Types of Plantation Shutter Designs

There is so much versatility and customization when it comes to plantation shutters, whether it is the type of wood, the selection of louver sizes and shapes, or tilt rod options. Even with traditional plantation shutters, there are still many design possibilities to make each room in your home as you envisioned with bright painted shutters as a focal point or custom fit door shutters to complete a room. We are here to help from consultation to installation, so here are some popular designs when it comes to plantation shutters.

1) Paint Your Shutters

The finish of your plantation shutters does not need to be limited to classic white or natural wood. You can add brightly colored shutters to liven up any room and have them as the focal point or keep it classic with white café shutters that feature decorative fabric valance along the top of the window. If you are looking for a sophisticated yet modern touch, black plantation shutters might be the addition you want for the aesthetic of your room or entire home. All options allow you to personalize your interior to your personality and preference with the flexibility of natural light and privacy that plantation shutters offer. We can also customize pain or stain finishes to match your molding for a seamless room design.

2) Bifold Panels

If you have large windows or plan to frequently open the shutters for more light, bifold plantation shutters might be the right choice for you. Bifold shutters fold up onto either side of the window or door without taking up additional space. This is an ideal option if you want the privacy that shutters offer but the functionality of being able to open and close them at your convenience with ease. Bifold panels can be used for both traditional, full-length shutters and café shutters so you have endless possibilities when designing window treatments for your home!

3) Full-Height with Divider Rail

If you want the privacy of closed lower louvers without sacrificing the natural light coming through the open upper louvers than full-height shutters with a divider rail would be the option for you. A divider rail can be added to a panel so the control of upper and lower sets of louvers moves interpedently. If you prefer a more continuous design, we also offer plantation shutters with split tilt rods, which offers the same independent control without the rail that separates the tiers. While common in living areas and dining rooms, this design is great for any room in your home.

4) Add Plantation Shutters to Your Sunroom

If you want to have more privacy while enjoying your sunroom, consider adding plantation shutters! Plantation shutters will allow you to adjust how much sunlight comes in throughout the day, making it effortless to minimize the hot or cool air that might draft in. It can also help reduce the sunlight to cool down in the summertime. For a seamless appearance, opt for our patented Softedge™ — it offers a sculptured edge profile that gently blends into the window molding to create a harmonious design. This innovative solution allows the hinges to be completely concealed when the shutters are closed so it will create a clean look. 

5) Custom Doors

Extend the privacy to your sidelights, sliding glass or French doors with custom plantation shutters. Whether you want shade to limit sunlight during hot summer days or the ease of use when it comes to those cookouts when people are coming and going from the house, the durability of plantation shutters makes them ideal for any type of door. Our shutters are custom fit specifically to your door and can be modified to accommodate any door handles or knobs.

6) Solid Plantation Shutters

Solid interior plantation shutters have no louvers and offer complete coverage from the top to the bottom of the window when shut. This design is perfect for bedrooms when you want window coverings that bring in elegance but are primarily used for privacy. Solid plantation shutters can also keep drafts from the elements out. Bifold panels allow you to open and close this style of plantation shutter with ease, giving you the ability to control all sunlight shining through the windows. Depending on the style of the solid shutters, this can also add a textured element to the room.

At Shenandoah Shutters our plantation shutters are custom made specifically for your home. You can take a look at our gallery for some inspiration or give us a call at 1-800-733-1549 to schedule a consultation today!