Deciding what kind of window coverings to purchase for your home can be an arduous task. If you want plantation shutters you want to make sure they match the style of your home while providing as many benefits as possible. Shenandoah Shutters has compiled a list of 6 benefits you might not know could come from custom plantation shutters.

Custom Plantation Shutters Before Finish is Applied

  • Increase the value of your home.

Custom Plantation Shutters are one of the few window covering options that actually add value to your home and can increase the resale value of your home when you decide it’s time to move. Buying custom shutters now not only improves the look of the interior of your home, but they make a great investment!

  • Customization

From the color, size, finish, and mountings, shutters by Shenandoah Shutters are incredibly customizable. This means that they will match any room decor as we hand make each shutter we install in your home.

  • Long life span and low maintenance

Drapes and mini-blinds need to be periodically changed over time, but plantation shutters do not. Shutters by Shenandoah Shutters are made of hardwood and do not warp over time as they are extremely durable and built to last. You never have to change out plantation shutters.  A simple dusting every once in a while is all the maintenance they will ever need!

  • Help lower energy bills to save you money

Custom plantation shutters are fitted to the exact size of your window which reduces the amount of A/C and heat that leaks out of your home naturally. Since they are great insulators, you’ll be able to run the heating & cooling unit less and save money on your electricity bill. Come on, who doesn’t like saving money!

  • Privacy and Ventilation

Never worry about prying eyes again! Custom plantation shutters offer privacy while still letting light into your home. If angled correctly you can actually see out of the shutters, but others can’t see in. If you enjoy a breeze, then you’ll prefer shutters over mini-blinds when the window is open. Mini-blinds will rattle and sway from the wind, but plantation shutters are designed to be strong and not make noise.

  • Protect your furniture and flooring

Sunlight can cause furniture and flooring to fade and degrade over time, lessening their appearance and quality. With custom plantation shutters, you can actually direct where UV rays shine, keeping them away from your furniture and carpet. Mini-blinds have long cords that hang down which poses a danger to small children, but plantation shutters are cord-free!

These are just a few of the benefits to installing custom wood plantation shutters in your home. For more information be sure to speak to one of the experts at Shenandoah Shutters. We are the premier custom plantation shutter provider in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC!