5 Tips For Decorating Your Home With Pantone’s 2021 Colors Of the Year

Each year, Pantone announces their official color of the year. The result is a slew of home decor, fashion, and other industries outfitted in the chosen color. 2021 is a unique year, because the color company released two colors to welcome in the new year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. After a difficult year, it seems fitting that Pantone would release a hopeful color combination meant to refresh and rejuvenate. Are you wondering how to use the colors of the year in your own home? Try out some of these tips for a newly inspired space this year:

Accent Your Home with Pops of Yellow

Accent walls are exciting ways to bring a pops of color into living spaces. Painting a single wall vibrant yellow is an especially fun option for the kitchen and breakfast nook, as well as the living room and bedroom. Since yellow is such a positive, friendly color, it would also look lively in a nursery or playroom. 

If you aren’t quite ready to paint an entire wall yellow, an easy way to enjoy the color trend is to incorporate throw pillows, cozy blankets, small rugs, and art pieces into your home. This way, if you get bored of the trend, or if something new comes along, you can easily switch out your yellow pieces. Of course, while yellow seems the most obvious choice for a pop of color, you could also choose to incorporate gray in a similar manner. Think, for instance, of a yellow playroom with a calming gray accent wall, or a series of bright pillows on the sofa with a neutral gray throw blanket. There are endlessly beautiful ways to play around with this color combination. 

While it has a more permanent feel, incorporating furniture pieces is always an option. A bright yellow accent chair, freshly painted bookcase, or gray ottoman, for instance, can bring even more color into the room. 

Brighten Your Linens

Similar to an accent wall or decorative pillows, your linens can also serve as an elegant way to embrace the colors of the year. Outfit your bathroom with vibrant yellow hand towels, or choose new bedding that includes yellow accents. On the flipside, maybe you’d like to incorporate gray linens or bedding, for a soothing effect. You can then decorate with yellow wall accents or rugs. In the dining room, place a yellow tablecloth or gray table runner across the table. Warmer colors, like yellow, work especially well in eating areas. Meanwhile, cool and neutral colors, like gray, can help offset the warmth for a relaxing environment. Your choices depend on the mood that you want in your space. 

Add Live Plants to Your Home

Plants are absolutely wonderful choices for any home. A room feels really put together with a living plant on display, and a bright yellow plant or pot is an effortless way to enjoy the color of the year. Just make sure that you select a plant with sunlight requirements that fit your living space. For most spaces, a low-light plant like bamboo is a terrific choice. Plus, it’s considered lucky, an ideal choice for a new year! 

Take the Colors Outdoors

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all found ourselves using every square inch of our homes. Turn your backyard into an oasis with yellow patio furniture and a gray outdoor rug. You could even hang string lights, another popular trend, in anticipation of the warmer spring months to come. 

If you really want to boldly change the look and feel of your home, painting the front or back door in yellow or gray can freshen up your house. Plus, a chic outdoors boosts your home’s curb appeal if you’re looking to sell soon. Another unique option? Paint your mailbox!

Consider Lighting Fixtures

This is a fun way to bring yellow or gray into your home. Consider adding a yellow light fixture, especially a trendy pendant or geometric option, for a pop of color that hangs right from the ceiling. Alternatively, you could hang a gray light fixture for a little added zen. 

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