5 Home Styles That Can Benefit From Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters can be beautiful on any home. They come in a variety of styles that can suit both modern and classic home styles. But if you’re still searching for inspiration or trying to decide if plantation shutters are right for you, consider these home styles that benefit from plantation shutters.

Southern-Style Homes

Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to enhance your southern-style home. Country houses helped the plantation shutter gain fame and popularity, as they add a touch of charm to both interior windows and on the exterior of your home. Southern-style embraces a balance of antique decor with modern appliances and art. Adding wooden plantation shutters can help the flow of your southern home, as the rustic feel will match other decor pieces on your floor plan layout. 

Don’t be afraid to also allow plantation shutters to connect the way from the exterior to the interior of your home! Southern houses are known for having outdoor living spaces for entertaining and hosting guests. Plantation shutters can allow you to open the inside of your home to your outdoor living space so everyone feels included when visiting. 

Vacation or Weekend Homes

If you are lucky enough to own a vacation or weekend home, you know how important it is to protect this space and use it as an oasis getaway. Adding plantation shutters can help your home away from home feel complete! If you are designing your second home in a unique and beachy way, plantation shutters can allow you to add a pop of color to make your space anything but boring. Feel free to paint your plantation shutters with a unique shade of paint that can add some contrast to your vacation house. Stop out of your comfort zone and try a deep red or pastel blue!  

Small Spaces in Need of Privacy 

Plantation shutters are a great way to add to your small space in need of privacy. If you live in a cottage or small home, plantation shutters can allow you to shield yourself from the outside world, or open up to it! The choice is yours. Small spaces are often in need of a good airing out, so opening your plantation shutters just enough to allow a cool breeze in without sacrificing the shade is a great feature. When you have company over or can spot neighbors in their homes after dark, closing the shutters can allow for an extra layer of secure privacy. 

Apartments In Crowded Cities 

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the wonderful features offered by plantation shutters. If you are renovating your small city space, consider adding plantation shutters for light control, privacy, and to cut down on heating costs. Plantation shutters will allow complete privacy, something that can’t be provided with curtains alone. This way, your neighbors won’t be able to spot you after hours. In the cold temperatures, heating your apartment can get expensive. Plantation shutters help secure the heat inside your apartment and allow you to dodge rising oil prices. 

Family Homes 

Family homes are another style that can benefit from the addition of plantation shutters. Since they are so easy to clean and manage, having children around them will be stress-free. Unlike curtains that can wrinkle and stain, plantation shutters are durable and will only require a fresh coat of paint when you want to change up your interior decor or give the space a quick refresh. When caring for small children, having privacy in your space is crucial. Plantation shutters will allow you to let the light shine on your little ones when they are playing, while adding privacy at bedtime when shut. 

We hope this article helps you discover new ways to accentuate the style of your home with plantation shutters. If you are looking to renovate your living space, contact Shenandoah Shutters today!