5 Bathroom Decor Tips

When it comes to home decorating, the living room, bedrooms, and even the kitchen usually take priority over the bathroom. While it isn’t a common area of your home, a well decorated bathroom ties your whole house together. Of course, the bathroom is also often the smallest room in the house. How can you keep this space well designed and looking fresh? Spruce up your bathroom this spring with some of these home decor ideas:

Fill Your Bathroom with Plants

Plants will add a dramatic pop of style and color to your bathroom. From a few flowy, green plants to a single vase with flowers, plants will leave your bathroom feeling more like an oasis. Plus, houseplants can potentially help purify the air. 

When selecting your plants, you’ll want to look for greenery that can handle the high humidity level and low light of bathrooms. You’ll also want to make sure that your plant is safe for curious pets. 

Favorite plants for bathrooms include bamboo plants, aloe vera plants, ferns, cast iron plants, and spider plants. For flowers, try orchids or gardenias. 

Organize Your Supplies

Keeping your bathroom clutter free will help it look more spacious and inviting. Organize your toiletries and other essentials using decorative bins, wicker baskets, and space saving storage. Apothecary jars look especially clean and stylish while storing common items like cotton balls or swabs. Decorative toilet paper and toothbrush holders are also fun ways to style your bathroom. 

Use Wall Space

Effectively using available wall space is another way to make your bathroom look larger and more appealing. Install floating shelves and hanging storage to house decorations or basic bathroom supplies. Use towel bars on the back of your door for even more space and select color coordinating hand towels to hang from them. You can also roll up several of your bath towels to place in a towel basket on your shelf. Your bathroom will instantly feel like a luxurious hotel!

Photography, paintings, and other artwork will also liven up your bathroom. If you have enough wall space, you could even make a gallery wall using your favorites. 

Try Out a Theme

Beach and spa themes are a popular choice for bathrooms, but your design theme can be anything. Modern themes are a growing bathroom trend, particularly with gold accents. A vintage bathroom with floral wallpaper and a farmhouse sink is another sophisticated idea. 

When implementing a theme, don’t forget to coordinate your shower curtain, sink accessories, and other bathroom pieces with your plan. You might even want to choose hand towels or other pieces based on your theme. For instance, If you choose a beach theme, you could include nautical towels, sailboat tchotchkes, a basket of potpourri with seashells, or an ocean scented diffuser in your room decor. 

Consider Your Colors

Colors make a real difference for any room. Neutral colors are great for promoting relaxation and calm, while dark colors offer a sense of glamour and drama. Neutrals also provide a nice balance to bright, statement colors. There’s been a trend lately toward the unexpected, like a black bathroom with reflective pieces. Your theme will play a significant role in your color choices. Think ocean blues for a spa theme or cheery yellow for a pop of warmth. 

Moisture-resistant wallpaper is still a familiar choice for bathrooms, even over paint. Backsplashes and unique flooring are also favorites of homeowners looking to refresh their bathrooms. 

Look at Your Lighting

In a bathroom, multiple sources of light are recommended. This is known as lighting in layers. Think a combination of sconces, overhead lighting, and hanging lights, as well as the natural window light. Dimmers are also helpful for relaxing in the bath after a long day.

If you have a window in your bathroom, your window treatment can make a huge difference in the lighting of your space. You might wonder, can I have plantation shutters in a bathroom? The answer is yes! As long as your hardwood plantation shutters aren’t subjected to direct water contact, they’ll provide gorgeous lighting choices for your bathroom. 

Plantation shutters are ideal for controlling the sunlight that enters your home. With plantation shutters, you control the louvers (horizontal slats) of the shutter to filter light in and out of your house. The result is the perfect mood lighting.

Plantation Shutters for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C

Shenandoah Shutters is located in Richmond, where we’ve been handcrafting custom made, all wood plantation shutters since 1990. We can provide high quality plantation shutters for every room in your house, all made by our skilled woodworking employees. Your plantation shutters can easily match the theme of your bathroom, thanks to our color, cream, and stain selections. For modern rooms, take a look at our original Softedge design with hidden hinges. We also have innovative options for the rest of your house, including your French doors, sunbursts, arches, and sliding glass doors. 

Our plantation shutters are built using treasured American woods, including yellow poplar and basswood. You can even request a specialty wood to match your existing moulding or go along with your wooden furniture. Every plantation shutter is hand finished with a rich, silky lacquer for an extra dose of beauty. 

Plantation shutters will give your home a beautiful, well lit ambiance, but there are other benefits, too. These shutters are energy-efficient and they increase the resale value of your home. They’re a terrific option even if you’re getting your home ready to sell. They’re also safer for children than blinds or other options with cords. Plus, they give your home an added layer of privacy and protection. 

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