4 Tips For Enhancing Your Home With Privacy As Well As Beauty

Privacy has always been a concern for homeowners, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the quest for privacy even more crucial. When adding important security and privacy features to your home, you want the additions to be as beautiful as they are functional. Using effective landscaping, installing fences or gates, and incorporating high-quality window treatments are all essential for a comfortable and attractive living space. Here are some ideas for enhancing your home’s privacy without sacrificing aesthetics:

Add a Fence or Gate to the Outside of Your Home

Fences and gates are well-established tools to make homes more private and secure. Best of all, these structures are designed with both beauty and security in mind. You can find fence options in a variety of materials and designs, including geometric patterns, lattice screens, rustic wood constructions, chic slatted designs, and, of course, the dreamy white picket fence. Many people even choose to simply DIY a privacy fence or garden gate. If you’d prefer something other than a fence, you could install outdoor deck curtains or a sophisticated wall

Consider Your Landscaping Options 

Landscaping is a unique way to make your home more private. Strategically placed hedges, screen plants, trees, and even topiaries are popular choices to create a living, backyard oasis that feels secure. You can also use hedges and shrubs to surround your front yard, as well. Garden boxes, flowers, and tall plants can combine with shrubbery to further enhance the beauty and privacy of the space. Best of all, this kind of detailed, attractive landscaping boosts your curb appeal. Your curb appeal is the impression that potential buyers have of your home when noticing it from the street. A better curb appeal could mean a more successful home sale later. Landscaping could even increase the value of your home. 

While landscaping is a popular and effective choice for better privacy, it’s important to keep your hedges, shrubs, and other plants neatly trimmed and well-maintained. Properly maintained landscaping will deter trespassers from sneaking onto your property and hiding in any overgrown shrubbery. Some plants grow faster than others and require more frequent maintenance. Consult with your landscaping or lawn care  provider on best practices. 

Install Sleek Security Devices

With the rise in smart technology for homes, there is no shortage of subtle, appealing security devices available for use. Video doorbells and newer security cameras can give you added peace of mind without detracting from the aesthetics of your house. Plus, you can also use them to safely monitor kids and pets.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

Choosing the right window treatment can make the difference when it comes to enhancing your home with privacy. Of course, you want to use window treatments that are as beautiful as they are private. There are many options for blocking windows from prying eyes, including window films, shades, and blinds, but the best choice is one that combines privacy with quality.  

Plantation shutters are one of the most secure options for private window treatments. This is because plantation shutters are sturdy and long-lasting. They are designed to allow the homeowner complete control over the outside view and natural light entering the home without sacrificing privacy. Amazingly, these historic shutters are so well-designed for privacy that, as the legend goes, King Louis XIV of France would often peek, unnoticed, out of his plantation shutters to admire the women of his court swimming in the ponds of his palatial garden! 

Plantation shutters have long been appreciated for their timeless beauty. Some varieties of plantation shutters are plastic or faux wood, but these varieties are designed to look like traditional, wooden plantation shutters without the same character and durability of authentically wooden shutters. Custom made, hardwood plantation shutters are, like landscaping, known to often increase the value of a home. Wood is the best option for your plantation shutters. 

You can purchase plantation shutters in a variety of styles and colors, including stains. You can even pair curtains with plantation shutters for a dramatic home design  statement. 

Installing Plantation Shutters in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C

Shenandoah Shutters is located in Richmond, Virginia, within a day’s drive of all of our service areas. We install custom-fitted, hardwood plantation shutters that are handcrafted by skilled woodworking employees. Our plantation shutters are made using high-quality American woods, including yellow poplar and basswood, as well as requested specialty woods that match your moulding or furniture. 

We can build plantation shutters to fit windows of any size or shape. Popular past choices have included plantation shutter installations on French doors, sliding glass doors, arches, triangular panels, sidelights, and sunbursts. We even have our own, patented Softedge design for a more contemporary look and feel. This design conceals the hinges of your plantation shutters when closed and is particularly ideal for tilt-in or casement windows.

Schedule Your Plantation Shutter Appointment with Shenandoah Shutters 

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing window treatment, contact Shenandoah Shutters today. Our plantation shutters are the perfect solution for an elegant window treatment that offers privacy and comfort. We even offer a 100-year limited transferable warranty on the work of our plantation shutters, as well as a 25-year warranty on the silken lacquer finish that is applied to each shutter upon completion. 

Shenandoah Shutters remains open and is carefully providing services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore our online photo gallery for a glimpse at some of our past projects.