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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Plantation Shutters

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Plantation Shutters

Whether you’re looking for beauty, durability, or ease of operation, plantation shutters are often the best shutters you can choose for your home. So the choice to go with plantation shutters is one easily made. However, there are still mistakes that can occur when choosing the right plantation shutters for your home. Not all plantation shutters are made with equal quality, and if you choose wrongly, you might find that your money was wasted and that you need new plantation shutters, anyway. Here are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid when choosing plantation shutters:

Assuming That Cheapest Is Best

Consumers have a tendency to assume that the cheapest products will be the best option for them. After all, it saves them the most money, so they’ll be able to put the rest of that budget towards other things. However, this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re looking for a lasting solution. 

While the most expensive option is often overcharged, you do want window treatments that are both beautiful and crafted to last for years. The last thing you want is to have to spend untold money repairing your damaged window treatments, or replacing them every few years. Handcrafted, beautiful plantation shutters that are built to last are typically worth the added cost.

Defaulting To Basswood

Basswood is the most common type of plantation shutter wood, typically. We even use it here at Shenandoah Shutters…for our stained plantation shutters. But basswood is particularly porous, which makes it less than ideal if you intend to go with white or cream painted shutters. If you choose basswood for painted shutters, it may require more than average paint in order to get the job done, and that paint may begin to fade over time. That’s why for painted shutters, we tend to go for yellow poplar wood.

Not Knowing the Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Don’t assume that buying plantation shutters only means one kind of style for one type of window. While the most popular types of plantation shutters are grand traditional plantation shutters, there are a few options to choose from. Cafe shutters, for instance, only cover half of the window, leaving the other half open and exposed to sunlight. There are also our patented Softedge shutters, with hidden hinges and subtle frames so that they seem to blend seamlessly into the window. 

Buying Plantation Shutters From a Box of a Major Franchise Company

Just because a company is a big name doesn’t mean you should trust them with all of your home decor or window treatment needs. The truth is, companies like Home Depot or Menards just have products shipped into the stores without much thought to the location. On the other hand, our shutters are handcrafted in Richmond, Virginia and shipped throughout the nearby regions. We know the climate, the homes, the people. And you know that your money is going to a local company that puts their heart into their work.

Choosing plantation shutters for your home is great, but it comes down to choosing the right plantation shutters from a manufacturer you know you can trust. For that, there’s Shenandoah Shutters in Richmond, Virginia. Want to learn more? Contact us today for more information about our shutters or come by our showroom to see them for yourself.

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Frank and Robin, Pasadena, MD

“We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the shutters! And so does everyone who has seen them! They are absolutely perfect!!! I’m so glad I bought them all at once! The installation was so professional and they were here on time, worked fast and did a wonderful job. This is really a first class company. Th arched window is just beautiful!

- Frank and Robin, Pasadena, MD

Larry & Sewel Reid

“We were so impressed with Marcia! I can’t say enough about our whole experience from Marcia. A great company to do business with. Thank you for the gift!”

- Larry & Sewel Reid

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“Beautiful Shutters, Beautifully Made. I recently purchased Shenandoah Shutters for a small project to “check them out”. Shenandoah exceeded my expectations. I am so impressed with the quality and especially love the features that are unique to Shenandoah. Bravo to Shenandoah Shutters for their thoughtful designs and impeccable workmanship and to Amy for professionalism and support.”

- Lori Steinman

Candice & Peter A.

5 Star Quality & Installation!

We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome! What a transformation the shutters have made to our home, just perfect!

- Candice & Peter A.

Robert and Jean, Clifton, VA

“After installation, the installers were excellent in providing information on the shutter finish process and appropriate cleaning. This was most helpful and confirmed that these shutters are an excellent product. They are on all windows in my home and are beautiful!!”

- Robert and Jean, Clifton, VA

Donna Plummer

“The members of Shenandoah Shutters are extremely professional. The first contact came in and measured the windows that were to be done. The second contact was with the guys who installed the shutters. In and out and they look wonderful. Can’t be more pleased with these shutters.”

- Donna Plummer

Janet, Lynchburg, VA

“This company is fantastic. From the first contact we had with them (visiting their showroom) to the final installation, they are #1 professionals. After we visited the showroom, the salesperson came to our home, showed us a sample shutter, and made recommendations (and gave different styles) for our windows. After we accepted the contract, she made an appointment to come out and do exact measurements. We love our new shutters, and every element of this contract could not have been better. They even left a jar of VA peanuts!”

- Janet, Lynchburg, VA

Mila & Jimmie Baturin

“Fabulous Salesperson. Staff was efficient, organized and quick. Love the product”

- Mila & Jimmie Baturin

Julie Krajicek

“I am impressed by the level of professionalism by Shenandoah Shutters. From start to finish in all interactions, I was treated well. The product is outstanding quality. They look perfect.”

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Doug and Carol, Chesterfield, VA

“A pleasure to work with – very organized, good communication, expert craftsmanship, done in a timely manner – a job well done!!”

- Doug and Carol, Chesterfield, VA

Jessica, Richmond, VA

“We love hearing from our clients – Here’s a review we received this week……..”My shutters were delivered and installed this morning. From start to finish the installation took about 90 minutes. I am beyond impressed with the high quality craftsmanship and over the moon with how gorgeous they are. I’d also like to note, that everyone from Marcia in sales, Jodi in billing, and the installers, whose names I didn’t catch, are supremely professional. As a Richmonder, I love that the money from my purchase stays in the local economy, too. I will be singing this company’s praises for years to come. Thank you, Shenandoah Shutters!” Jessica – Richmond, VA”

- Jessica, Richmond, VA

Lee & Cheryl Caslavka

“First Class all of the way. Amy, Jody and installation was a wonderful experience. Thank you”

- Lee & Cheryl Caslavka

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