4 Major Benefits of Installing Plantation Shutters in Your Kitchen

plantation shutters in kitchenIf you’ve had the same dated curtains in your kitchen since you moved in years ago, it’s probably time for an update. Instead of selecting curtains or blinds that come with their own sets of problems, consider installing plantation shutters for your kitchen windows. Besides their quiet, easy to operate nature, indoor kitchen shutters offer many other benefits, like the four major benefits of installing plantation shutters listed below.

1. Easy Maintenance

Any window covering in your kitchen is going to end up with food splatters and grease on them. With your blinds or curtains, cleaning is an arduous process that almost seems pointless because you will just have to do it again week after week. With shutters, they’re easy to wipe off any dust and grime. The slats don’t move around, so you can easily wipe off dust, fingerprints and even grease and grime comes off easily due to the special coating on most shutter slats.

2. Effectively Controls the Amount of Light

Too much or too little light in your kitchen can create a problem while you are cooking. The extra sunlight will add to the heat from the oven, dramatically raising the temperature in the room. In the winter months when there is only so much light during the day, shutters can allow the perfect amount of light into the room, allowing you to enjoy the sun rays while you have them. Shutters allow you to adjust the amount of light that comes into the room to whatever degree you want so that your beautiful kitchen can be accentuated by the natural light or lack thereof.

3. Optimizes Energy Efficiency

Just like plantation shutters are able to control the amount of light that comes into your kitchen, they are also able to control the amount of heat that enters or escapes.  They are an excellent form of insulation to keep the cold of winter and heat of summer from sneaking inside. This dramatically reduces your heating and air conditioning bill. It has the greatest effect in the winter when you can keep the heat your stove generates trapped in your kitchen.  This enables you to set the thermostat lower.

4. Increases the Value of Your Home

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home is to add shutters to your kitchen. It makes the home look newer and modern, which is very attractive to prospective homebuyers since the crisp lines of shutters in your kitchen will complement any decor. The energy-efficient nature of shutters will also allow you to raise the asking price.

No matter your reason for installing plantation shutters in your kitchen, you won’t regret it. The small extra cost for shutters over other window covering methods will be well worth it in the long run because of the many benefits you will gain.  Check out our selection today to find the perfect shutters for your kitchen!