4 Eco-Friendly Reasons To Order Plantation Shutters

Choosing the right window treatment can make a big difference when it comes to having an eco-friendly home. Plantation shutters are an ideal choice for energy-efficiency and environmental conscientiousness. Are you wondering how to make your home more eco-friendly? Here are a few ways that natural, hardwood plantation shutters can make the difference:

Wood Is a Renewable and Longlasting Resource 

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your home, then seeking out a window treatment that is made of wood is essential. Wood, unlike plastic-based materials, is a renewable resource. This means that it can be easily replenished in nature. Wood is also one of the strongest available materials, with a long lifespan and durability. After 100 years or so, when it’s finally time to replace wooden materials, you can be reassured that wood is biodegradable. 

This means that it can break down back into the environment, as opposed to plastic and PVC materials, which cannot. Plastic has its purpose, but this material has negative effects on the environment, as it clogs landfills. If at all possible, it’s more eco-friendly to choose a material like wood. Natural wood also doesn’t release harmful toxins or chemicals, another frequently cited concern surrounding plastics

While wood types are sustainable resources, some trees grow faster than others. At Shenandoah Shutters, we prefer to use basswood when crafting richly stained plantation shutters. For our cream-colored plantation shutters, we tend to use yellow poplar wood. Both of these wood types are readily available in nature and come from trees that tend to grow quickly. We often manufacture plantation shutters with requested specialty woods, as well, including well-known hardwoods like oak and cherry. You’ll find that many of these varieties are also easily available and sustainable. In fact, there has even been a recent increase in replacing building materials, like steel, with wood. This is all thanks to its incredible sustainability. 

Plantation Shutters are Energy-Efficient

It is common knowledge that windows and doors are the most common sources of energy loss in a house. Plantation shutters are designed to insulate your home. They naturally keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This effect reduces your need for air conditioning or heaters, while leaving a valuable impact on the environment, as well. Because of their strength, hardwood plantation shutters, in particular, are likely more effective at maximizing temperature control. 

Plus, at Shenandoah Shutters, we custom fit every plantation shutter to your window, so you know that your shutters are appropriately fitted. A properly fitted plantation shutter is another way to reduce your energy consumption and boost the energy-efficiency of your plantation shutters. The end result is often lower heating and air bills. 

Plantation Shutters Allow You to Control Natural Light

Plantation shutters are extremely unique. Instead of fumbling with the light switch, you can use the tilt rod on your shutters to filter sunlight in and out of your home. Plantation shutters allow you to create the perfect mood for any room in your house. With this kind of access to natural sunlight, you might find yourself relying a little less on electric sources of artificial lighting and a little more on the beauty of natural light. Of course, you can also adjust the plantation shutters for less light, too. 

Plantation Shutters Are Low-Maintenance

Most window treatments require some sort of frequent maintenance. For instance, it’s usually suggested to wash curtains every few months, or even sooner if someone in your home suffers from allergies. Curtains are also easy to tear or wear down, which leads to them needing to be replaced. The same is true for blinds, which are easily broken. Shades can tear or need to be spot-cleaned. All of this washing and replacing uses up a lot of energy and resources. 

While curtains can absolutely be paired with plantation shutters if desired, you’ll find that the shutters themselves are extremely low-maintenance. A simple, gentle dusting when needed (and without products) keeps plantation shutters as clean as they are eco-friendly. 

Upgrade Your Home with Plantation Shutters

Shenandoah Shutters has served Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C for more than 30 years. We even have shutters in Delaware and North Carolina. We’re located in Richmond and are within a day’s drive of all of our service areas. When you buy from Shenandoah Shutters, you’re supporting a local business that prides itself on quality and customer service. 

Plantation shutters are timeless and stylish. We handcraft each of our plantation shutters and apply a fine lacquer finish, so that your beautiful wooden shutters can easily blend in with your wooden furniture and mouldings. We offer a 100-year limited, transferable warranty on our plantation shutters, and a 25-year warranty on our silken lacquer finish. 

When planning for your plantation shutters, you can choose from modern or traditional shutter designs, as well as custom colors, stains, and cream-colored options. You choose the size and shape of your louvers (the horizontal slats) and your tilt rod design. We can craft plantation shutters to fit any window shape or size, including oddly-shaped windows, French doors, sliding glass doors, and sunbursts. 

We can even install your plantation shutters using our original, patented Softedge design that conceals the hinges when closed. This is a popular option for all window types, but it is especially a favorite choice for tilt-ins and casements. You don’t have to worry about hanging strips or boxy frames. In fact, at Shenandoah Shutters, we don’t even use a tensioning system! 

Order Plantation Shutters from Shenandoah Shutters Today 

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