4 Benefits of Plantation Style Shutters in Your Home

Are you moving into a new home or making home improvement upgrades and considering updating your traditional window coverings? Plantation style shutters are functional, versatile, and enhance the interior design of your home, but there are more benefits to this style of shutters that you should consider before customizing the right style and fit for your own home.

1. Can help with temperature control

Plantation shutters offer additional insulation between the outside and inside of your home, allowing you to manage the amount of hot or cold air coming through by adjusting the parallel slats (louvers) to the position you need. Shutters can be effective in blocking drafts coming in from the windows as they act as a barrier, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool during those hot summer days. You don’t have to be limited to just windows either! Shutters can be custom fit to your French style doors, sidelights, as well as sliding glass doors to optimize energy-efficiency in all areas of your home.

2. Adds value to your home

Adding shutters can increase your home’s market value as they are viewed as a feature that is low-maintenance, durable, and offer a classic touch to the interior design of any home. Shutters are often sought-after by home buyers because they are custom-made for the windows and a permanent fixture. The type of wood used can also be a high selling point as people prefer natural tones that compliment any style – we offer yellow poplar and basswood, but specialty woods such as mahogany, walnut, cherry, or oak are available upon request.

3. Allows you to adjust the light coming in and your privacy

Unlike other window treatments, the louvers on shutters can be adjusted to various positions. You can choose to open or close the shutters for more or less light, or you can adjust the louvers into a tilted angle to have privacy but still have natural light entering the room. This is a great option for bathrooms and bedrooms, where you want privacy without losing all the natural sunlight. The amount of light will vary depending on the style and size of louvers you have but we offer three options for louver size and two options for louver shape so we can customize to fit your home and needs.

4. Shutters have extended longevity

Plantation shutters are low-maintenance, they are easy to clean and need minimal care to continue looking like new. When properly maintained, plantation shutters can last for many years without having to replace or continuously repair. It is also important that the shutters are the correct fit for your windows and installed accurately. Our plantation shutters are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with high-quality wood to ensure you can enjoy them for years.

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