3 Tips For Pairing Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Plantation shutters give you privacy, extra insulation for the home, and a beautiful, classic aesthetic. They’re so lovely that many “window purists” may argue that pairing these elegant, timeless window coverings with curtains may be “too much.”

Not so! Just because you’ve installed plantation shutters doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the soft drape of fabric accenting the interior of your room. Plantation shutters and curtains aren’t mutually exclusive – and here are three tips for pairing these two window coverings. 

Opt For Sheers

Use panel curtains instead of roman shades or roller shades to more easily move the curtains completely out of the way when you need to. You can also incorporate the material of the curtain rod (such as a dark metal or wood) to accent wood or iron decor in the room, tying the look together. 

Using sheers (sheer fabric curtains) instead of heavier drapery allows you to enjoy muted sunlight in your home without sacrificing your privacy. Plus, when you open your shutters, the sunlight gently beams through the sheers, creating a soft, romantic look for a bedroom, sitting room, or formal living space.

Mount the Curtain Rod Higher

Mounting the curtains a few inches higher than the shutters allows the shutters to be fully visible. Make sure that your curtain rod is long enough to extend several inches past each side of the window, too, fully facing the window and shutters. Interior designers recommend the “six-inch rule”: the curtains should hang six inches above the window and extend six inches past the sides. 

A bonus for this layout is to make your windows look taller than they actually are and thus add visual height to the room overall. Plus, it’s easier to push the curtains out of the way to fully open the shutters when you want more light if they aren’t obscuring the window.

Use Tie-Backs For a More Formal Look

You can couple plantation shutters and heavier drapes for a more formal look, opting for thicker, more luxurious fabric and complementing valances. Tiebacks are made of a strip of fabric, decorative rope, or similar material to draw the curtains back on the sides, affixing to hangers on either side of the curtains. 

It’s a lovely look if you have a line of windows and use the curtains on the ends to frame the windows and a window seat. Another advantage of pairing heavier drapes and plantation shutters is extra insulation. Homeowners in climates with sunny days and chilly nights may especially appreciate this.


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