10 Game Room Ideas for Summer Entertaining

Many of us have a basement or other spare room that is just waiting to be turned into something to wow guests and provide a welcome break from the stress of the work week. Summer is prime time for entertaining guests and hosting parties, so there’s no time like the present to think about transforming that extra space into an exciting game room for friends and family. 

Want to have the game room of your dreams, but not sure how to make it happen? Here are 10 ideas to jumpstart your home design creativity:

Decide on a Retro or Modern Space

There are so many types of game or recreation rooms, so the first thing that you’ll want to do is envision how you’d like your extra space to look. Retro gaming rooms tend to have a vintage 80s feel with muted colors, neon lights, old school games, and posters of familiar classics. A modern gaming room is more versatile, with softer lighting, varied colors, contemporary seating, and even unexpected additions, like intricate shelving. Deciding on the type of space that you’d prefer will allow you to begin turning your vision into a reality. 

Paint the Walls to Fit Your Theme

You have endless color choices for the walls of your game room. Because game rooms tend to have eclectic art hangings and other interesting accent pieces, you might choose to paint the walls a neutral color, like a shade of white, beige, or gray. 

However, for a retro theme or simply more playful game room, bright colors can really bring out the fun of your entertainment space. Some of Pantone’s favorite color trends for 2019? Lime greens, earthy blues, and cheerful orange tones. For a retro room, you might even want to skip the paint in favor of retro wallpaper from decades past.

Hang Relevant Art and Decorations

Video game posters and wall hangings, sports memorabilia, shelves of figurines, and other creative touches all turn your game room into a place to escape. Of course, you might also prefer minimal touches, like a freshly painted accent wall with no art at all. For kids, a wall painted with chalkboard paint or a magnet wall with magnetic letters can provide a special spot for family game nights.

Control the Light In Your Space with Plantation Shutters

It seems that game rooms usually go one of two ways: You either want the room as dark as possible or you want the room bright and open with light. While blinds and curtains will certainly enhance a space, plantation shutters are the way to go when it comes to permanent, maximum light control. 

With plantation shutters, you control the louvers to let in or filter out as much sunlight as you’d like, creating the ideal ambiance for entertaining and gaming. Real wood plantation shutters, as opposed to faux wood plantation shutters, will also add a strong aesthetic to your rec room. These versatile wooden shutters pair well with retro-themed rooms, contemporary spaces, cheerful playrooms, or any other variety of entertainment space. 

Consider Your Seating Options

Like your paint and art choices, your choice in seating for your space plays a huge role in the look and feel of your game room. Retro rooms might include plush couches and cushioned chairs or even less seating in favor of more standing arcade game space. Sports bar spaces might have comfortable seating to watch the game, saddle-style upholstered loungers, or wooden furniture. Modern rooms, meanwhile, could include contemporary seating options, like a sectional sofa or uniquely shaped sitting pieces. Colorful bean bags are a great choice for children.

Use Versatile Shelving and Storage Options

In a game room, you’re going to need a lot of shelving and plenty of storage. You’re also going to want your room to be organized. Look for entertainment center style shelves that can hold multiple gaming consoles and low shelves for family board games. 

To store video games, get creative. You could hang honeycomb shelves or similar pieces to display favorites, while housing the others in a cabinet or larger wall shelf. Ottomans are excellent for game rooms, because they provide extra storage for decks of cards, dice, and other gaming supplies. When selecting furniture for your game room, seek out those pieces that also provide a storage option, whenever possible. 

Bring in Poker Tables, Pool Tables, Ping-Pong, or Arcade Games

Tables games really tie the whole room together. Go ahead and bring in a poker table, pool table, ping-pong surface, or retro arcade games. Don’t forget about table tennis, air hockey, and foosball. Gaming tables make great centerpieces for the room. Add interesting overhead lighting and you’ll feel like you’re in a real arcade or professional poker tournament. 

Combine a Game Room with a Movie or Screening Room

You don’t have to choose between a gaming room and a screening room. Those large TVs that you set-up for gaming easily lend themselves to a home theater. Add in some media loveseats or home theater recliners, a selection of favorite Blu-rays or streaming devices, and old Hollywood or vintage California posters for a decidedly glamorous feel that will make your friends want to skip the multiplex in favor of your house.

Add Some Music to Your Game Room

Like movies, music naturally lends itself to an entertainment room. Guitars hung on the walls and keyboards or pianos in the corner add an extra element. Plus, the family will have a blast playing Guitar Hero alongside actual guitars. 

Create a Play Area for the Kids

Devoting some of your extra space for the kids is an easy way to add more space to the rest of your home. Bring their tents or kitchen sets to a corner of your new game room to create a kind of imagination station for the kiddos. They’ll have a blast playing their games while you play yours. Add in some arts and crafts or put the board game shelf over here to create a space the whole family can enjoy together. 

Owning a Home Is Special 

The chance to be creative is one of the best things about owning your home. An extra, well used space can add value to a home, as will the inclusion of plantation shutters as a window treatment. Plantation shutters give you a choice when it comes to your home’s lighting that can’t be matched by any other window treatment. You’ll have the right ambiance to entertain — and the right ambiance to screen films or game the night away. 
Contact Shenandoah Shutters today to update your home and enhance your natural sunlight options with our custom made, all-wood plantation shutters.