So, What is a Home Show, Anyway?

Each year, multiple home shows will come to your area. You see the commercials, you hear your friends talking about going, and you wonder what the big deal is. The bottom line is, you either own a home or you don’t…but in this case, it honestly doesn’t matter. There are so many things to see and learn about at the show, that you can be in either category and still have a great time!

So, what’s it all about? At a home show, there are certainly things you’d expect…home improvement ideas and methods, new products, decorative staples, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and new appliances. But, aside from the expected, there are so many other amazing discoveries. New inventions are often showcased at home shows. What will one day soon be on all the shelves, will often show there, first. Don’t worry – many of them will either demonstrate the product’s effectiveness, or give you a sample to try, before buying.

Those who have interest in some DIY projects may find plenty to spark their interest and inspire them to go for it. Many exhibits at the home show can either help with advice, supplies, or answers to your questions. In fact, a lot of the shows bring with them some big names in the home improvement industry. These are people you love to watch on TV, or read about. You have probably wished you could pick their brain; now you can. Gardening tips and tools run plentiful here, too. Along with things you may not expect, such as pet related vendors, entertainment options and plenty of other fun items.

Keep in mind; you will be making a day out of this event. Along with the new ideas and vendors, you’ll usually have a large list of food and drinks to choose from. Everything from gourmet food trucks to simple hot dog options will be there, and you’ll be able to wash it all down with a variety of beverages (including wine, or other spirits). In fact, you’ll sometimes taste wines from local vineyards you may not have even known about! You can check out some one of a kind, handmade crafts, or get tips on how to make them yourself. In some events, live music and other entertainment are present; this can often be a very family friendly event!

Lastly, and maybe even more importantly, we’ll usually be there, too. We love home shows! We love to meet with you, talk with you, answer your questions, and (of course) show you our amazing product. We’re in the business of making your time at home even more enjoyable. The best way to do that is to meet with you! Shenandoah Shutters makes a point to come to the home shows, because we want to hear from you as much as you want to hear from us. So, keep an eye on our site, we always keep you updated as to when and where you’ll find us!

See you there!

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