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One of the first things you’ll notice about Mechanicsville when you drive through downtown is a great stone windmill that serves as the town’s landmark. It’s part of a building that was once Heritage Bank in the 1970s and was actually restored as recently as the 2000s. The windmill might be operated by an electric motor, but the history and charm to Mechanicsville, Virginia is authentic.

From major battles during the Civil War to music sensations like Jason Mraz and Mary Ann Redmond, the small community of Mechanicsville has made its mark on the country and continues to do so. When you visit Mechanicsville, you’ll find a friendly community as charming as the landmarked windmill. The homes, especially, are often lovely colonial or plantation style homes, made even more elegant with plantation shutters from Shenandoah Shutters.

Shutters For Any Home, Crafted With Care

Traditional plantation shutters have a timeless elegance that shine in homes with classic architecture but can suit just about any home. However, Shenandoah Shutters knows that there’s a wide variety of homes in Mechanicsville, so we offer a wide variety of shutters. 

If the traditional plantation shutter style doesn’t have the look you’re going for, consider more casual café shutters. These shutters cover the lower half of the window, leaving the top half open. You can use a decorative curtain for the top half of the window to create a French cottage sort of look, or you can leave it open to let in the sunlight unfiltered.

We also offer our patented Softedge shutters if you’re looking for something completely different. Softedge shutters have a soft profile that blends right into your window, making them perfect for more difficult window styles such as tilt-in windows and casement windows. They have a sleek, modern design with hinges hidden behind the panels to keep them from looking too bulky.

But whatever style you choose, the thing you can count on is quality craftsmanship. All of our shutters are manufactured in Richmond, a mere 20 minutes away from Mechanicsville. We take care with every product, from the stain to the choice of wood. For instance, we often use the popular basswood for stained shutters. The natural color of basswood allows the stain to shine. But if we paint shutters either white or cream, we use less porous woods such as yellow poplar to create more vibrant color. 

And your style comes into play, as well. Not only do we offer a number of different shutter styles, but we offer several custom woods based on your preferences. Love the deep color of cherry? Or the classy look of mahogany? Both of these woods are available upon request, as well as oak.
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