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Historic Hampton
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The East coast is filled with fascinating history, and Hampton, Virginia is no exception. Often dubbed “the city of firsts,” Hampton is the site of America’s first continuous English-speaking settlement, as well as the first site for free and inclusive education, and even the first site for NASA and astronaut training grounds.

With so much history, it’s worth a visit to the Hampton History Museum to fully grasp the impact of Hampton on the United States. Historians will also enjoy visiting St. John’s Church, the oldest English parish in America. Kids and adults alike will love taking a ride on the Hampton Carousel and experiencing a splash of sea life at Buckroe Beach Park, with panoramic views of the Chesapeake Bay.

When you’ve finished soaking up the history and waves of Hampton, you’ll enjoy the city’s world-class shopping and dining options, including Coliseum Central and Downtown Hampton.

Locals enjoy the breathtaking sea views, milder temperatures, quality schools, and lively community that hosts many events and activities throughout the year, including the annual Blackbeard Pirate Festival, another piece of Hampton’s astounding history.

Plantation Shutters for Your Hampton, VA Home

The history of plantation shutters goes as far back as the 1700s, where they were valued for their ability to block heat, while allowing in cool breezes and controlled light. These historic shutters pair perfectly with the history of Hampton, proving a window treatment as rich with backstory as the city itself.  

If you’re looking to invest in plantation shutters for your Hampton home, or if you’ve  recently purchased a home in Hampton, Shenandoah Shutters can help you select the plantation shutter design that is right for your window. You’ll be able to use the movable, parallel slats (louvers) of your shutter to control the beautiful seaside sunlight and create just the right atmosphere in each room of your home.

Locally Produced Plantation Shutters

Shenandoah Shutters is produced in nearby Richmond, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve invested in a local product. Since we only specialize in wooden plantation shutters, we are able to put our complete focus on your window treatment needs. We can customize our plantation shutters for any window size or shape, from French doors to side lights and beyond.

While most plantation shutter manufacturers use basswood for every shutter, we’re proud to be able to select fine American woods based on the type of plantation shutter that you desire. Our basswood is saved for our stained shutters, providing a rich color to your window treatment. For cream or white plantation shutters, we use yellow poplar, which is less porous and allows for brighter color. Upon request, we can also craft your plantation shutter with woods of your choice, such as mahogany, oak, or cherry.

While the history of plantation shutters will always remain, the style options for plantation shutters has continued to grow. You might choose a traditional plantation shutter design, a café shutter design, or even our patented Softedge or other specialty design.

We know all of the tricks for even the most seemingly difficult installations. Contact us today to learn more about your options, and to schedule a free, in-home estimate with one of our skilled designers.

The sunny seaside views of historic Hampton will have just the right filter with our timeless plantation shutters.

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