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If you’re a native or a frequent visitor to Virginia, you may know Greene County from the time spent passing through it. The county is, after all, positioned directly in between two major Virginia highways: U.S. 29 and U.S. 33. It’s 100 miles from Washington DC and only 78 miles away from Shenandoah Shutters’ own workshop in Richmond.

But Greene County is more than just a place to pass through. Named for famous patriot Nathaniel Greene, Greene County has an intimate population of 18,403, but it’s growing fast. It’s full of friendly towns and beautiful natural scenery. Stop by the visitor’s center in Ruckersville for more information on the local history or for maps of the coastal sands to be found here as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains. Nature lovers will love Greene County, as it’s one of the gateways to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Perfect Window Dressing for Greene County Homes

Greene County homeowners love to have beautiful windows to observe the natural scenery around them, and it only makes sense for the window dressing to be as beautiful as the window itself. Plantation shutters are elegant and classic as well as practical. With adjustable louvres, you can customize the amount of sunlight you let into a room. You can keep them closed to lock heat inside your home during the winter or open them wide on nice summer days.

The question is not whether to go with plantation shutters, but rather, what kind of plantation shutters you should choose. Traditional plantation shutters are the full-frame, double door type of shutters that create a stately effect in your home. For something more sleek and modern, consider our Softedge shutters, with a fully concealed frame so that they seem to blend seamlessly with the window. Cafe shutters offer a cozy effect, covering half the window and letting the other half remain open to the sunlight or to a nice half-curtain above your shutters.

Plantation Shutters Manufacturers You Can Trust

Located in nearby Richmond, Virginia, Shenandoah Shutters knows plantation shutters like the back of our hands. We make all three of these types of shutters as well as custom shutters with custom woods like mahogany, oak, and cherry. We are careful about our selection of wood for our traditional shutters. For instance, when it comes to stained shutters, we go with basswood, a choice that many of our competitors might use for all of their shutters. But basswood is too porous for a good paint job, often leading to dull color when it comes to painted shutters. That’s why for our white and cream painted shutters, we use yellow poplar, which makes the color much more vibrant and long lasting.

Want to learn more about our shutters or have plantation shutters installed in your Greene County home? Contact us today for more information.

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