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Like many counties in Virginia, Chesterfield County has a rich history – from the very start. Although English colonists began moving into the area within four years of Jamestown’s founding in 1607, Chesterfield County was not created as a political unit until May 25, 1749. As the county remained ‘wild’ and lawless for so long – the spirit of the county remains vibrant, fun and exciting. 

Local landmarks in Chesterfield County include: 

  1. Chesterfield Museum. A brick reproduction of the colonial courthouse of 1749. It is situated on what was once that was known as “Coldwater Run”.
  2. Eppington Plantation. The “crown jewel” of Chesterfield County’s historic homes is Eppington Plantation. Built in 1768, it was the home of Thomas Jefferson’s brother-in-law, Frances Eppes, VI. 
  3. Falling Creek Ironworks Park. Falling Creek works to promote the history of the area – from the Virginia Company Falling Creek Ironworks to Cary’s Chesterfield Forge to the last operations in the 20th century of William Byrd’s 17th century gristmill.
  4. Henricus Historical Park. Henricus Historical Park re-creates major historical benchmarks that occured in the area for all to experience live. From the charter of the first English college in the New World, to the first hospital in English North America, to Pocahontas’s conversion to the Anglican faith, and even the establishment of tobacco as the first cash crop.
  5. Magnolia Grange. Magnolia Grange, is a Virginia Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1822 by William Winfree, this Federal-style plantation house was named after the circle of magnolias that once graced its front lawn.

Plantation Shutters for your Home in Chesterfield County, Virginia 

We pride ourselves on providing the same value, style and dedication to our shutters as they have for generations. While we have better quality materials, we continue to craft our shutters with time-tested methods and dedicated craftsmanship. We’re so proud we even offer a 100-year transferable warranty! 

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