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Scenic Charlottesville: Where Urban Meets Rural
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Picturesque Charlottesville, a thriving cultural city that sits among the Blue Ridge Mountains, offers an awe-inspiring view that few towns can match. In fact, Travel & Leisure has often ranked Charlottesville on its lists of favorite towns and getaway spots.

Charlottesville provides a unique combination of rural, with its family-owned farms and mountainous surroundings, and urban, with shopping, dining, and open air concerts scattered across the community.

Virginia is filled with historical towns, and Charlottesville joins its ranks with its tie to former resident and Declaration of Independence signer Thomas Jefferson. Visitors to Charlottesville can view Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, as well as sign their own declarations at the Downtown Mall’s Monument of Free Expression, a Freedom of Speech Wall that is a kind of community chalkboard for residents and visitors alike to write and draw whatever is on their minds.

Charlottesville certainly isn’t short on minds, either, being home to one of the nation’s top universities, the University of Virginia.

From the peaceful mountains to the rich art and culture, Charlottesville is a unique and vibrant area for residents and visitors alike.

Where to Find Plantation Shutters in Charlottesville, VA

The scenic views of Charlottesville make plantation shutters an ideal choice for the windows of area homes. You’ve likely noticed these popular shutters all throughout Virginia and for good reason. Plantation shutters, with their adjustable blinds and graceful style, softly filter sunlight into rooms, offering a natural ambiance that can’t be matched by any other shutter. Plantation shutters provide the perfect backdrop to the many quaint, historical towns of the state, fitting right in with the picturesque views and warm communities.

Carefully Crafted for Your Charlottesville Home

Each one of our plantation shutters is developed in Richmond from the finest woods by our skilled employees, not contractors, who know the art of designing both traditional plantation shutters, and our own original design, the patented Softedge plantation shutter. While both designs provide the same timeless elegance, our Softedge shutter is an innovative choice for families seeking a plantation shutter with a little more versatility. Softedge shutters use European cabinetry style hinges that allow the hinges to be completely concealed when the shutters are closed. This gives the style a cleaner appearance that may be just right for your window.

If you’re looking to add the style of plantation shutters to your Charlottesville home, call Shenandoah Shutters. We’ll provide a free in-home consultation to discuss your ideas and share our design expertise with your family.

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